Flat Fee MLS Plans That Are Priced Right

Flat fee MLS listing service, ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network, offers United States sellers a smart and unique way to list and sell real estate, while saving thousands in commission. Sellers, you don't have to compromise full service when you list your property flat fee MLS. For just (Program not currently available), sellers who list their homes, condos, townhomes or land receive more than a listing in the MLS and on realtor.com. Although the multiple listing service is a necessary and effective marketing tool for “For Sale by Owners” (FSBOs), in actuality, successful sellers use a combination of the MLS as well as comprehensive internet marketing to sell competitively and successfully. ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS offers more targeted web marketing for your flat fee MLS FSBO.

Other flat fee MLS listing services generally charge anywhere from around $100 and up to get listed in the MLS, “for sale by owner”. But, sellers should ask the question, “What kind of service and options will I actually get for this fee?” For sale by owners who list flat fee MLS need more service then what's offered with “cheaper” MLS alternatives. As a licensed United States real estate broker, ADDvantage™ Real Estate Services is able to offer our United States flat fee MLS listed sellers, not only an accurate listing in the local United States multiple listing service (MLS) but, we can offer contract to close service, assistance with real estate sales contracts and negotiations as well as various selling tools, products and accessories that are often lacking from other, less expensive flat fee MLS companies. Not to mention, we offer LIVE phone support to field incoming calls from Realtors® and prospective buyers-from 9am to 6pm every day of the week!

Choosing a professional discount real estate broker to list you flat fee in the multiple listing service who offers flat fee MLS and real estate service options for FSBOs paves the way to selling rapidly and professionally. Sellers should remember that they're already saving thousands in commissions and they should reasonably expect to get what they pay for if they list with a less expensive flat fee MLS service. ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS and full concierge real estate marketing plans for FSBOs, such as Professional ADDvantage™, are modestly priced. Sellers are provided with a higher level of listing accuracy, and customer service in addition to marketing that can't be beat. We stand behind our flat fee MLS service 100% because we've invested in our brand. Time, talent and respect for sellers who choose to sell for sale by owner… plus well thought out flat fee MLS plans has contributed to the success of our business…and the success of our United States sellers who list flat fee MLS with us.

Time…our flat fee MLS listing software was two years in the making. Listing flat fee MLS as a FSBO can be achieved by any company who can pay the money to become a member of a MLS board or who can outsource listings to another company…and that's not necessarily a good thing. Once your property is listed in the MLS flat fee…what happens if changes are necessary? (And that time will come.) Will your listing company answer their phone, will you have to go through cumbersome amounts of paperwork and jump through the proverbial hoops to get help? We spent time developing our flat fee MLS listing software so sellers can very simply make changes via their seller control panel, on-line, rapidly, with just a few clicks. Changes can be made 24/7 any time day or night. These MLS changes are sent promptly to our professionally trained MLS administrators, electronically with immediate results. When sellers list flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™ they never have to wonder about edits or accuracy. And accuracy is extremely important when you're dealing with MLS boards and reciprocal information. There are very stringent rules and regulations for those who utilize the United States MLS. Sellers, list flat fee MLS with a company who offers flat fee MLS services that are in-line with what they charge. Time…we work 9AM to 6PM 7 days a week with NO HOLD CUES. This is out of respect for our clients who deserve more from their real estate service and flat fee MLS Company. We always have time for our flat fee MLS listed sellers and that's why so many who have been let down by the “cheap” MLS companies, have switched to ADDvantage™.

Talent…We really do have talent! If you wonder why talent would matter when you list flat fee MLS—It really doesn't matter if all you want is a listing in the MLS. Again, just about anyone can do that…sometimes with accuracy yet, often without. But, the point is that the MLS alone does not sell homes in United States, or elsewhere. With nearly 80% of buyers looking to the web first to purchase property for sale, it makes sense that United States sellers opt for the best comprehensive marketing and combine that with their flat fee MLS listing. You're simply not going to receive the best marketing for a $100 flat fee MLS listing. Our technical and marketing “talent” is staffed in-house, ensuring strategic and effective marketing for your FSBO. When sellers list flat fee MLS with our most basic plan, MLS ADDvantage®, this entitles sellers to a full fledge internet marketing campaign for their listing. View the list of websites that are utilized to drive traffic to your flat fee MLS listing and you'll see why more United States sellers trust our “talent” and our commitment to get their properties sold “for sale by owner” and flat fee MLS.