More Showings Equal More Homes Sold

Summary of issue: Realtors® are professionally impatient. They will quickly bypass your listing if the listing broker or you, the seller fails to respond quickly to their call for showing instructions. Agent Assure® is the right choice for the home seller who cannot act as a full time “agent” but, who otherwise chooses to list and sell their own property.

Realtors'® Greatest Downfall: Calling on a Saturday morning for a Saturday morning showing.

Best Solution: Because Realtors® are responsible for over 85% of real estate sales, it would seem rather appropriate to field their calls in real time. At ADDvantage™, we do just that. If you live in Tampa, Miami or anywhere throughout Florida, we will field that call from 9AM-6PM, seven days a week including Sunday morning at 9:01AM. Why do we do this for a home seller who lists with us? If we get more showings for our sellers, we'll get more homes old. We don't make a commission when our flat fee MLS listed properties sell but, happy sellers are happy referrers and more satisfied customers.