Sell or rent your flat fee MLS Florida listed property with ADDvantage™- An experienced and trusted Florida flat fee MLS broker since 2000 and a licensed Florida real estate broker since 1984

Since 2000, ADDvantage's™ Florida broker has been delivering first class service and straightforward flat fee MLS plans to Florida sellers. There is a big difference between inputting a listing into a Florida MLS and performing as a top Florida flat fee MLS service offering flat fee MLS plans to designed for the individual needs of each Florida flat fee MLS seller. ADDvantage™ is Florida's premier flat fee MLS service offering it's Florida flat fee MLS sellers honesty, reliability, speed, sophisticated MLS flat fee listing software, live phone support (Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM, 7 days a week) and our unique Florida MLS flat fee plans.

Florida ADDvantage™ broker, Keith R. Gordon, has been licensed as a Florida real estate broker since 1984. Keith Gordon, native of Tampa Bay, Florida, has zero customer complaints in 35 years and he intends on keeping it that way (see broker record for Keith Gordon/Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation).

There are so many types of Florida flat fee MLS services, it is hard to count. Before choosing a Florida flat fee MLS service, carefully read their Flat Fee MLS Listing Agreement so that you don't end trapped in a listing you can't easily get out of. Read our expose on Florida flat fee MLS “bait and trap”. And especially read ADDvantage's Flat Fee MLS Florida Listing Agreement as it contains every single provision as put forth in the Florida Flat Fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights.

Through years of experience in Florida flat fee MLS services, ADDvantage™ understands that sellers want options to fit their individual needs. ADDvantage™ offers 4 flat fee MLS plans that go beyond just listing a home in a Florida MLS. Inputting a Florida flat fee MLS listing is clerical in nature. In Florida, there are 67 different MLS boards, 67 different rules and regulations and 26 distinctly different MLS listing systems.

It takes an experienced Florida flat fee MLS broker and MLS administrators to navigate the complexities of the varied MLS's. ADDvantage™ holds membership in 18 Florida MLS boards and has experienced MLS administrators familiar with the nuances of each.

Once your listing is listed on the MLS, the strength and weakness of your Florida flat fee MLS service will be revealed.

4 most common listing errors Florida flat fee MLS home sellers may encounter with their MLS listing:

  1. The property doesn't appear on a local Realtor® website (such as This has to do with IDX feeds. IDX feeds allow real estate websites such as to download the listing from the MLS in a given geographical area so buyers can view all MLS listed properties-not just those of Remax. To get your flat fee MLS Florida listing to properly appear on all local Realtor® websites, the Florida flat fee MLS listing broker must complete all necessary paper work with the local MLS as well as the National Association of Realtors®. ADDvantage™ has authorized all MLS boards to feed all real estate websites using IDX through the National Association of Realtors®.
  2. A local Realtor® cannot find my flat fee MLS listing. Local Realtors® can only view listings inputted through their local MLS board. If your listing is not showing up: (a) your Florida flat fee MLS broker put the flat fee MLS listing through the wrong Florida MLS board; (b) the broker may have an error in the listing data such as: quantity of bedrooms or baths; subdivision or complex name name; MLS area/grid; price; zip code; category (townhouse, condo, single family); waterfront types (waterfront, water view and water access).
  3. I can't find the MLS listing on The issue could be: (a) the listing is not in the MLS; (2) it takes 24-48 business hours to show up on from the time it was inputted to the MLS
  4. Where are my “buyer leads” from Why haven't I had more Realtor® showing requests? Buyer leads are a subject of controversy in the Florida flat fee MLS business. At ADDvantage™, we have a buyer lead capture system that forwards all buyer leads from, and other sources directly to the Florida flat fee MLS seller by email in real time. As far the rest of the Florida flat fee MLS services, caveat emptor! Please read our expose on where your buyer leads go as it's often not to you. As far as Realtor® showings, 60% of Realtor® showing requests are made directly with the Florida flat fee MLS seller and the other 40% come to the Florida flat fee MLS broker of record. If the MLS flat fee service is not answering their phone consistently, as many do not, then you could be losing Realtor® showings.

Listing flat fee MLS in Florida with an experienced broker helps the Florida flat fee MLS in many ways. Here are a few reasons why a Florida Flat Fee MLS seller should list with the most experienced flat fee MLS Florida broker, ADDvantage™.

  1. Advice: List Flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™ and get fast free answers to questions about marketing your Florida property, pricing, commission offerings, sales contracts and more.
  2. Advanced, effective Florida flat fee MLS plans: Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast - This sophisticated flat fee MLS plan offers Florida sellers an effective way to offer a higher than average buyer's agent commission (4% or higher) and get the news out fast to all local Realtors®. Read about the smart thinking behind Street Smart ADDvantage®.
  3. No cancellation fees and/or referral kick-backs: ADDvantage™ doesn't charge cancellation fees or take referral kick-back commissions. Whether or not a Florida discount real estate broker charges cancellation fees and referral kick-backs has to do with honesty and integrity. While experience doesn't necessarily equate with honesty, a broker's record of complaints can reveal whether prior clients have felt they have been dealt with in an unethical manner. Before listing, do some research about the broker (via DBPR licensee search online) and MLS listing company itself (just by plugging in the name of the company followed by “lawsuit” can sometimes turn up information and blog entries from consumers that warn against unscrupulous FSBO and MLS listing companies and this will ultimately save you money and hassles. For example, plugging in “Buy Owner lawsuits” into Google's search brings up an interesting blog:

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