Street Smart ADDvantage® High Commission Properties
  • Flat fee MLS sellers offer Real Estate (Buyer's) Agents a higher than typical commission to find them a buyer.
  • ADDvantage sends an E-Blast every two weeks to Realtors® and Brokers within a 35 mile radius of your flat fee MLS listed property. Our proprietary list of agents and brokers is extensive. We report the success of each email campaign to the flat fee MLS seller by email. Street Smart ADDvantage® specifically markets your property to other brokers in your area to make sure agents know about your higher commissioned property, thus generating more Realtor® showings. It's like having a NEON sign on your property.   »How we market
  • Sellers, as a result, could receive more numerous and higher offers and ultimately NET MORE PROFIT on the sale.
The table below represents what has been adopted for decades as the norm for commissions when selling a home through a real estate agent.

Street Smart ADDvantage® High Commission Properties recommends that you set the buyer's agent commission higher than 3%. By increasing the commission paid to the buyer's agent, you entice them to work their buyer to a higher price. At the same time, you potentially get a higher profit from the sale than if you had just offered a buyer's agent commission of 3%. See the table below.
$200,0003% / 3%$191,760
$204,000(Program not currently available) / 4%$195,841
$208,000(Program not currently available) / 5%$197,601
$212,000(Program not currently available) / 6%$199,281

As many people are at first, you might be skeptical about paying out more in commissions. However, if you look at the math in our Interactive Table, you will find that when the sales price is increased even in small amounts, that you will actually NET MORE than with a lower commission. If you believe agents will work harder to sell your home if you offer them more money, give Street Smart ADDvantage® a try. If time is a factor in the sale of your home, you may want to offer an even higher commission to the buyer's agent, such as 9% or 10%. A recent article in the New York Post suggests that such strategies are working well.

Another article recently published in Wired Magazine also supports this approach.  This article tells of a recent study of 100,000 Chicago area homes, comparing homes sold by Real Estate agents vs. agent-owned homes that they sold themselves.  The findings of this study were extremely interesting.  It was found that agents' homes stayed on the market for 10 days longer than those homes which were sold for their clients. And, that the average sales price was 3% higher for the agent-owned homes.  This study would certainly suggest that agents, in general, value their homes higher than their clients.   Perhaps they are more patient to wait for higher offers when they are the ones who stand to benefit from a higher net.  

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*This is an industry norm, 3% co-brokerage.
$200,000Not Available4.0%$8,000$192,001
$201,200Not Available4.5%$9,054$192,147
$202,400Not Available5.0%$10,120$192,281
$203,600Not Available5.5%$11,198$192,403
$204,800Not Available6.0%$12,288$192,513
$206,200Not Available6.5%$13,403$192,798
$207,600Not Available7.0%$14,532$193,069
$209,000Not Available7.5%$15,675$193,326
$210,400Not Available8.0%$16,832$193,569
$211,800Not Available8.5%$18,003$193,798
$213,200Not Available9.0%$19,188$194,013
$214,600Not Available9.5%$20,387$194,214
$216,000Not Available10.0%$21,600$194,401

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