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How it Works

What is MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

The MLS is a proprietary electronic database that contains every residential home, vacant land and commercial property listed by Realtors® for sale or lease. Created by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the MLS is the largest database of properties for sale in the United States. The MLS combines all REALTOR® -listed properties in one database within a large geographic area. Realtors® are members of a local Board and pay an annual fee which allows them to access their local MLS. The MLS contains detailed information on the properties it lists, records of all recent closed sales and their sales prices as well as property tax information. With this information, Realtors® are able to generate comparable analyses of properties and custom searches by any criteria. The MLS also provides a platform for Realtors® to state the listed property commission participation to other Realtors®. This is why you do not typically see For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) properties listed in the MLS. Additionally, many Realtors® do not approach FSBO listed properties because there is no stated commission agreement. bridges that gap between Realtors® and FSBO.

What is the difference between a “standard flat fee MLS listing” vs. a “Full Service listing”?

In a traditional full service listing, the agreement is typically a 6 month listing that cannot be cancelled, even with advanced notice. Customarily, a 6% commission is shared between the listing agent and the selling agent (sometimes, the listing agent is also the selling agent).

With our self- represented flat fee MLS listing programs (SOLO, WORKS & StreetSmart PRO), the seller doesn't pay a “listing commission” (which is typically 3%) because you (the seller) in essence become the “listing agent” for a flat fee. As well, with a flat fee MLS listing, if you are successful in finding a buyer for your property without the assistance of a real estate agent, then you would pay NO commission; just the flat fee.

Our StreetSmart PRO - Expert Representation full service listing plan offers the best of both worlds by affording sellers flexibility, control and heavily discounted listing fees while gaining the expertise of the best negotiator-brokers in the industry. Instead of working with an agent who handles a handful of transactions a year, our discount real estate brokers have decades of experience selling hundreds of homes every year. And on top of all of that, we don't hold you to a long listing agreement term so you are free to cancel anytime by giving us a 60-day notice.

How does the sign up process work?

For more information on our sign-up process, read the guide How the Sign-Up Process Works for Flat Fee MLS Listings.

How long does it take to get listed in MLS?

  • For same day listing entry Mon-Fri: listing must be complete* by 2PM EST. (If holiday, listing entered following business day.)
  • Saturday & Sunday: Completed listings will be entered on the next business day (Monday unless holiday).

"Complete" means: payment received, one (1) exterior front photo uploaded, listing agreement complete, and start date set to current (non future) date.

  • SOLO may take up to 48 hours but are typically done the same day if all info is complete by 1pm EST.

How it works for agents and the public seeing your listing.

Agents will see your MLS listing the moment it is entered and saved into the MLS by our MLS Admin team. is updated every 15 minutes and takes 5 - 48 hours (not including weekends & holidays), depending on the MLS you are listed in. The photos are usually the last thing to populate through the feeds so a listing typically comes through without photos initially. This is normal. Please be patient and allow time for the photos to appear.

Downstream third party sites such as Zillow, Trulia and the IDX feed (feeds agent and broker sites such as Remax, Coldwell Banker, KW etc.) will show your listing within 48 - 72 hours (not including weekends & amp;holidays) after your listing goes live on the MLS. The exact timing all depends on third-party functionality. does not have control over third-party websites and does not guarantee the placement of your listing nor it's accuracy on third-party sites. guarantees your listing will be placed in the appropriate local MLS and all listing permissions will be set in the MLS to feed your listing to, IDX and all other real estate marketing sites available.

I understand that to get listed on the MLS it must go through a licensed brokerage/agent. Who is the broker for

The authorized discount Broker and co-founder of is Keith R. Gordon in Florida and the authorized discount Broker of for New York is Renee Golda-Widman. Keith and Renee help sellers like you benefit by saving money selling their homes, while still getting premium customer service, guidance and support during the process.

How will prospects (potential buyers/renters) contact me?

This is a 2-part answer…

1. When we enter your data into the MLS, the listing will contain your contact information with clear instructions to contact you directly for showings, negotiations and offers. Therefore, Realtors with potential buyers should be contacting you directly. If by any chance they miss these instructions and call our office, we instruct them to contact you directly.

2. and other partner sites do not allow an owner's contact information to be displayed. The phone number that appears associated with our company will be answered live according to our posted hours of operation.  All leads that we receive will be forwarded to you and depending on your program level, will be handled accordingly.

A note about Realtors® and the importance of taking calls live… Realtors® are professional but impatient. There is no time to waste. They want answers fast and want support in gaining access to a property. They may not hang on for “I'll get back to you, or sorry, we're not available, please leave a message.” Realtors® represent 80% of real estate sales in Florida. Therefore, just as you should be diligent about answering calls when your property is listed, at our company, Realtors® and un-represented buyers get full phone service, 7 days per week. Agents who call us are given any and all information requested on a listing, in real time. With programs that include Instant Leads, all calls are documented in real time and sent to you via email and stored in your account for future reference.

Can I have my number on the syndication partner sites such as

We wish this were possible but the rules and regulations of these websites prohibit owner info from displaying. Why, you ask? Put bluntly, third-party listing syndicators are in business to make money for their shareholders, not the listing agent or sellers. These multi-million dollar and in some cases multi-billion dollar companies make money by selling zip code space to other Realtors who are hoping to get their own buyer leads.

While some of sites allow the potential buyer to pick which agent to submit a contact form through, some simply auto-assign the lead to whichever agent has purchased the exclusive zip code (the latter is how works).

The good news is that typically agents who are paying for these leads are quick to jump and assist the potential buyer and show them your property. As always, any leads that do end up contacting us either via phone or email, will be documented in your account and sent to you via email in a timely manner.

What will my listing look like?

You can see what your listing will look like by clicking on Sample MLS Listing.

What payment options do I have?

You have three payment options:

  1. Pay online though Visa, Mastercard or Discover
  2. Pay online using PayPal
  3. Send a Check or Money-Order to:
    SOLO, WORKS, StreetSmart PRO
    ADDvantage® Real Estate Services
    801 49th St N St Petersburg, FL 33710

What do you charge for changes and edits to my listing?

You are allowed an unlimited number of price and commission changes. For all other non-critical miscellaneous changes such as description, you are allowed one round of changes per month for free. After the one change has been made within that month, there is a $20 charge per round of changes. By “round of changes” we mean that you can go into the edit data function and change as many fields as you like within ONE submission.

What should I know before listing my property for a flat fee with a discount Realtor?

We highly recommend you educate yourself as much as possible before you decide to list your home on the MLS as a FSBO. There are many nuances within the real estate industry and even more so when you are listing your home by owner in the MLS with a flat fee company. To help you better understand and prepare for the journey ahead, we've created a great guide that details the top 14 things you should know before you list your house

StreetSmart PRO Full Service Program

Is StreetSmart PRO right for me? Do I need a flat fee MLS listing that comes with contract to close representation?

Some sellers believe that they save money and gain control by representing themselves. However, the reality is that sellers are often over-matched by Realtors who have extensive contract knowledge, are extremely aggressive and represent their buyers, not the seller. For all these reasons and many more, it is generally recommended that sellers be represented by an agent/broker that is just as skilled at contract negotiations as the agent representing the buyer. The cost of the StreetSmart PRO plan is negligible as compared with the potential for loss due to entering into a contract that is not in your best interest. The are many unforeseen risks with a buyer and careful attention and expertise should be exercised when dealing with items such as: buyer pre-qualification, closing cost considerations, survey, inspection report & appraisal shortfall issues and more. Handling such issues on your own can be daunting but having professional negotiators handling your deal can save you money and avoid stress. Our highly-trained negotiators protect you by maintaining contract and escrow timelines we well as controlling the contract language and associated addenda.

Agent Activate®

Can I use Agent Activate® with any of your Flat Fee programs?


Why would a seller use Agent Activate®?

Agent Activate® is available to sellers in most Florida cities such as Miami, St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, Naples, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, and Orlando (call 1-877-232-9695 to confirm Agent Activate® is available in your city). An ADDvantage agent or affiliated licensee could earn the offered co-broker commission (seller must offer at least 3% to use Agent Activate®). For this to occur, the seller would have to invite the ADDvantage agent or affiliated licensee in by referring a buyer lead to back to us or by activating the “Agent Activate®” under the seller account (which changes contact phone numbers to ADDvantage.) Sellers often use this feature when they cannot make a buyer appointment (showing), they are out of town or just prefer to have ADDvantage take all buyer leads. In essence, using Agent Activate® puts ADDvantage in charge of the buyers that are not represented by another Realtor. If successful with the sale, our agent/affiliate earns the offered co-broke commission, represents the deal as what's called “Transaction Broker”, will write the sales contract for the seller and help the buyer and seller close the deal. Transaction Broker status enables ADDvantage to represent both the buyer and seller by not putting one person's interests ahead of another. Because we charge no listing commission, we cannot make any commission if an outside Realtor® finds a buyer. They would deal directly with you.

Background information on listing flat fee MLS

My home is listed with your MLS flat fee service. A real estate agent asked me, “Who is the broker for your listing”?

The answer is "ADDvantage® Real Estate Services is my listing broker."

If I sign up for your SOLO or WORKS MLS listing program, will I be self-represented?


What does self representation mean?

It means the seller of the property represents himself in all contract and other matters regarding the sale of the property. Being flat fee listed in the MLS is the same as being “self-represented”.

I am considering selling a home on and I want to use StreetSmart PRO listing program. If I use this program, will I be self represented?

No. StreetSmart PRO MLS Listing is our program designed to provide the seller with 100% full contract-through-closing service. Therefore you would be “represented”.

What do I say if a Realtor or agent asks, “What is the commission”?

You would say, “My broker is offering (3)%* as a co-broke.”
(Whatever commission you chose when you signed up.)

Why use the term, “My broker is offering”?

The reason you say “my broker is offering 3%” as a co-broke” is because Real Estate Law states that the listing broker is the one paying the other “selling broker” the offered co-broke commission stated in the MLS.

What is a “co broke”?

“Co-broke” means the portion of the total commission that is shared with another broker involved in the transaction.

A Realtor told me that if I list flat fee in the MLS, other full service Realtors wouldn't show my property. Is this true?

No, but this is a hot topic among flat fee MLS listed sellers in some “old time” small communities but not in metropolitan cities. Realtors® in major cities see flat fee listings all the time and see no difference between them and full-service. Although, if you interviewed 100 agents in your local area, maybe 10 would say something negative about discount real estate listing services. However, even those that have a somewhat negative perspective still show flat fee listed homes as long as there is an offered co-broke of around 3%. Our agents have no unhappy sellers and treats all Realtors® with the utmost respect and assistance when calling for in for showing instructions. We have a great reputation and offer all levels of service, including full service.

What do full service Realtors think about flat fee MLS?

Historically, flat fee MLS listing companies offer horrendous service. However, ADDvantage has a reputation with Realtors® that surpasses even full service companies!

What's different about the our brand of flat fee MLS?

Everything! Live 7 days a week phone support is where we start. We actually do care about every detail of our customers and their listings. We spent over a decade building and perfecting our “listing software” enabling us to offer a high level of service by not wasting time researching missing data. We don't lose change requests because we are paperless.

How can other flat fee MLS companies their multiple listings without sophisticated software?

That's an easy question. They can't. 95% will just give “bad service”. Some have software but most do it the old fashioned way…emails, faxes and unanswered phone calls.

Why is the software better?

Clients log in to their accounts and click on what they need. From there, our full time MLS Administrators will fix, edit and “click off” one change at a time. Nothing falls through the cracks because we have no paper to lose.

If I call at 9:00 Sunday morning, will an agent be there to assist me?

Every time!

What's the right price to pay for a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

The price range for flat fee MLS services ranges from about $79-$600. Flat fee MLS services in all vary and the consumer should look closely at what they want and need in flat fee MLS listing. “Some sellers think cheap is good regardless of the level of service and that's not our customer,” says Keith Gordon, discount real estate broker for Florida and co-founder of . We pride ourselves on offering flat fee MLS sellers customized concierge services at reasonable prices.

Cancel MLS flat fee listing anytime

Can I cancel my flat fee listing any time?

SOLO & WORKS plans:
Yes! Because you are listing flat fee, there is no requirement for how long the listing must be. It is entirely up to you how long you wish to list your property. You can cancel your MLS listing at any time by going to your account dashboard and changing your listing status to withdrawn/off market. The system will prompt you to sign a withdraw form. There is no fee to cancel before the listing expiration.

StreetSmart PRO MLS Listing Plan:The StreetSmart PRO listing plan has a 12 month listing term and requires a 60 day cancellation notice. Simply contact us and request the withdrawal form.

Can I withdraw my listing from the MLS temporarily?

Yes. The expiration date of the listing remains the same and there is no charge for this service.

*Note: the following restriction will apply due to MLS rules and regulations: The property can only be temporarily withdrawn for a period of time not to exceed 90 days. For those with a list-til-you-sell listing agreement such as with the StreetSmart PRO plan, you may temporarily withdraw a property a maximum of 4 times per calendar year.

Cheap flat fee MLS

Why should I pay more than $150 for a MLS flat fee listing?

In Florida, most flat fee MLS offerings on the internet today will not be around in one year because; (i) there is no profit in flat fee MLS listing unless ZERO service is offered; (ii) there is no chance of profit unless the flat fee MLS company has invested resources to build MLS listing software to efficiently manage listing changes, etc. (most do not and are just websites); (iii) at $150, there is no money to service the account.

So why is not a part of that $150 crowd?

Its software and business plan are not centered on flat fee MLS business. We have five other websites that support similar but different business models.

CMA & Pricing your home - flat fee MLS in Florida

I want to sell my house using flat fee MLS. Should I order a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis)?

Value is very important. The market conditions are changing rapidly and pricing the home right is critical to your success. Price too low and you are potentially giving away hard earned equity. Too high and no one will call. So the answer is, maybe. It depends on your ability to do research. A Realtor® is going to pull data from the MLS “sold properties” within (x) miles of your property within the last 6 months. But, as you know, the market is changing so rapidly that 4 month old sale data might be misleading. As well, one or two “sales” within that data might be “fire” type sales which will skew values but are not necessarily indicative of the right value. The best CMA is to look at home listed on the market, research sold data through the “on-line” public records; talk with neighbors, etc. Attempting to break all the data into a “price per square foot” number (living area). Then add or subtract value for conditions such as: (i) lot; (ii) pool: (iii) upgrades; (iv) other considerations.

Our WORKS and StreetSmart PRO programs come with a free CMA.

If your program does not include a CMA, you may also want to consider ordering one through ADDvantage for $50.00 in the Add Accessories section of MY ACCOUNT.

Commissions and Co Broke

I am considering selling my home with Does's broker earn a commission when I sell my home flat fee MLS?

SOLO & WORKS plans:
Only if you opt into our Agent Activate® program, otherwise no. One thing is constant: you will never pay a “listing” commission because “flat fee” takes the place of a listing agent commission (Which would normally be around 3%). Whether or not you pay a "buy side" commission depends on whether a real estate agent brought you a buyer. If so, then you would pay the commission amount that you agree to pay when you list on the MLS. (Typically 3%). However, if you find a buyer that is not represented by a real estate agent, then you will pay no commission at all. Just the flat fee!

StreetSmart PRO plan:
Yes, in this plan, our listing commission is $499 (plus 1% at close). Compared with 3%, this is still a huge savings for full service representation.

Contract Question

Can I call and speak with a broker for a question about an offer?

Yes, talk to a authorized broker--free: 877-232-9695. This free service is not the same as getting full representation in a contract such as StreetSmart PRO. If in doubt, it is helpful to talk to an experienced broker.

Yard Signage

Should I use a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sign?

We strongly advise that flat fee listed sellers not to use a FSBO sign. The message a FSBO sign conveys to Realtors® damages and dilutes the marketing message. recommends Sellers use one of our standard yard signs. Note that although FSBO yard signs are permitted in most areas, some MLS boards will not allow FSBO signs and prohibit any photos that show a FSBO sign on the MLS.

Reasons to use our sign:

  1. Our sign is unique, professional, bright orange, has our name on it, and says nothing about flat fee. A Coroplast sign comes free with the WORKS plan so WORKS users only pay $14.99 for shipping. SOLO users can purchase a Coroplast sign during signup for $9.50. Metal signs are also available and you can purchase custom decals with your phone number as well. Note: You supply your own stand.
  2. Realtors® are turned off by FSBO signs because:
    1. Realtors® fear their Buyer will approach the Seller directly in an attempt to circumvent a commission.
    2. Realtors® who have found a property listed on the MLS and arrive at the property with their clients for a showing can be quickly turned off at the sight of a FSBO sign.
    3. When Realtors® randomly drive by a FSBO sign they think: no commission. They may have a buyer who would be interested but they forego the house. Opportunity lost!

Forms for MLS flat fee sellers

Are Sales Contract Forms available?

Yes. All forms such as Sales and Purchase Contracts, Seller Disclosures, Mold Disclosures, Lead-based Paint Disclosure are free. Once you are a client of ours, these forms can be found by going to My Account / Seller Forms.

Full service Realtors and flat fee listing

Do Realtors care if the seller is “self represented”?

When a Realtor® searches the MLS database, they do not care who listed the property. Their primary concern is that a "customary" commission is being offered (typically around 3%). All listings in the MLS state the commission being paid. We recommend offering 3% or more.

Some Realtors® say it is more difficult dealing directly with a flat fee MLS listed seller/owner but the overwhelming majority do not care.

Truth 1: The agent/Realtor® representing the buyer is the one who writes the sales contract every time (never the listing agent). There is no more work on the part of the agent representing the buyer making an offer to an unrepresented seller versus a full service one.

Truth 2:The agent/Realtor® representing the buyer is a real estate professional. The unrepresented seller (flat fee listed) is typically not as knowledgeable about contracts and negotiations as a Realtor. Therefore, unrepresented sellers are typically at a dis-advantage when matched against a Realtor. If a seller feels over-matched, our StreetSmart PRO plan is a great option.

MLS Boards and Marketing

If I choose to list through, will my property in the right local MLS board?

Absolutely. During signup, you will select the MLS you want your property to be listing in. If you are unsure, simply leave it to us. Our experienced administrators know the areas very well and will place your property in the correct board, guaranteed.

My house is located in a gated community. Will my home get enough exposure if I list flat fee in the MLS?

Homes in gated communities can be difficult to sell because of lack of access. This can be a marketing dilemma. Being MLS listed will get Realtors® and non-represented buyers viewing your property. As well, our aggressive marketing program will bring the additional needed attention.

Can I list my property in more than one MLS board?

Yes, we offer additional MLS boards for $125 each. You will be offered this option on sign up. This is very cheap marketing considering Realtors® are responsible for selling 80% or more of homes.

MLS listing edits and changes

I might need to adjust by price. Can I make changes to my MLS listing?

Price and commission changes are always free. Changes must be made on our website under the menu tab MY ACCOUNT. Once logged in go to “Manage my Listing” and choose the appropriate category. Price or commission changes will require a signature by all parties on the listing agreement. Our system will automatically generate a form for you to sign when you make the change in our system. Most other changes can be made through the category “edit listing data”. If you want to change your photos, go to the “manage photos” category.

I want to list flat fee but I also want control over the listing. What do you charge for changes and edits to my flat fee MLS listing?

You are allowed up to 3 price or commission changes per month. For all other non-critical miscellaneous changes such as description, you are allowed one round of changes per month for free. After the one change has been made within that month, there is a $20.00 charge per round of changes. By “round of changes” we mean that you can go into the edit data function and change as many fields as you like within ONE submission.

Changes must be made on our website under the menu tab, MY ACCOUNT. Once logged in go to "Manage my Listing" and choose the appropriate category. Price or commission changes will require a signature by all parties on the listing agreement. Our system will automatically generate a form for you to electronically sign when you make the change in our system. Most other changes can be made through the category "edit listing data". If you want to change your photos, go to the "manage photos" category.

If I dispute the data from the Property Appraiser office that is auto-populated into the listing, can I edit or modify that data as an owner such as square footage?

Not all MLS boards allow such edits but My Florida Regional MLS (includes such Florida cities as Orlando, Tampa Bay, South to Desoto County and north to Hudson) does not require us to only use the data from the Property Appraiser office that is auto-populated into the listing. We are able to change fields and data such as the square footage and mark it as “Owner Provided”.
If an agent objects or complains to the MLS board about the data you provided, you will need to show proof: survey, appraisal, etc. so that this data can be provided to the board.


Will the broker accept offers from Realtors on my behalf?

Yes. In fact, our administrators add language in the agent remarks section of the MLS stating that offers should be uploaded directly to or faxed to us. When offers are uploaded directly into our site, an email is automatically generated to you and our automated phone system also calls your main number to make you aware that an offer has come into your account. We receive all faxes via an e-mail fax service so we can quickly and easily forward them to you via email. This helps you in case you are out of town when an offer comes in.


How many pictures should I upload?

The number of photos you may upload to our site varies based on your program: The number of photos you may upload to our site varies based on your program: SOLO, WORKS and StreetSmart PRO programs allows 40 photos.

Can I take my own pictures of my property and have them posted on the MLS?

Yes! Many people take their own photos. We recommend using as much light as possible and a wide angle lens if you can. How many you can upload depends on the plan you choose. Simply upload to your account. When logged in, you can manage and add photos at any time in the “My Account” section of our website.

I don't have a digital camera. Do you offer virtual tours?

Yes we do. Virtual tours can be purchased at checkout or at another time by going to your account and clicking on ”add accessories”.

What file size do you want?

It doesn't matter. Our system will resize automatically for the MLS. However, smaller sizes around 150KB will load fastest. Your photos can be in JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.

Can I add my pictures at a later time?

Sure. Just go through the listing process and when you are ready to upload your pictures go to:

  • Login (with your username & password)
  • Click on My Account
  • Click Manage My Listing
  • Click Manage Photos
Since we cannot input a listing into the MLS without at least one exterior photo, if you sign up with no photos and come back later to add photos, this will not count as a change. No changes will be counted until the listing is activated in the MLS.

Realtor. com

Does the broker have direct control of my listing?

No. It a third party website. We have very limited control.

Are issues easily resolved?

Unfortunately no…every trouble ticket opened takes our MLS administrators an average of 30 minutes to address. will escalate the ticket to their engineering department and on average, they will have a resolution in 48-72 hours. The good news is we are always ready, willing to tackle these issues as they come up.

Will my home in my hometown show up in the national database of if I list flat fee in the MLS with GetMoreOffers?

Yes. All properties listed in local MLS systems automatically transfer to via an “IDX feed” every 24-48 business hours.

I have just listed my home using your flat fee MLS service. I cannot find my listing in Why?

MLS listed properties that are newly listed in the MLS take about 48 business hours to show up on It is not “live” like the MLS. This holds true for price changes as well.

I signed up for your service yesterday. When might I expect to see my listing on is a third party website that will auto-feed your flat fee listing from local area Board of Realtors®. The way our process works is to first put your listing in your local MLS. This takes about one business day or if submitted over the weekend, then in by Monday. Once your MLS listing goes live in the MLS, we send sends an automatic email notifying you that your listing is live in the MLS. As well, you can use this email verification to edit your listing. Typically it takes 2-48 business hours after you have received this email notification (we call email verification) for your listing to appear in is not a “real time” data feed but rather a secondary website to the MLS. It propagates data on weekday evenings. The same holds true for any changes made to your MLS listing. If you change your price on Wednesday, the change is made on the MLS that same day. However, may take an additional 24-48 hours to re-propagates the new change.

Why can't my phone number be on

Unfortunately, the rules and regulations of these websites prohibit us from displaying any owner contact info.  Rest assured, though, that any phone calls or emails we receive from will be inputted in the leads section of your account and forwarded to you via email.

Service Area

Does offer a MLS flat fee listing everywhere?® (serviced by ADDvantage® Real Estate Services)

Florida: We cover almost the entire state of Florida. There are a few remote counties in Florida where we are not MLS members. To make sure we cover your area, enter your zip code and check or contact our office.

​New York: We serve upstate New York, utilizing the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors®.

Third Party Marketing and Websites

How long will it take for my listing to propagate to all the “other” third party websites?

While the MLS is active or “live” the moment we submit the listing, the other sites only populate this data on a cycle that happens every so many hours, which is why the new listing upload is not instantaneous. 

  • Your listing will be available to be viewed by the public within 1 and 3 days after your MLS listing is active.
  • Your listing will be available to be viewed by the public within 1 and 2 days after your MLS listing is active.
  • Zillow and Trulia: Your listing will be available to be viewed by the public within 1 and 3 days after your MLS listing is active.
  • Other third-party sites/Agent Websites: Your listing will be available to be viewed by the public within 1 and 3 days after your MLS listing is active.


What if my property doesn't sell?

StreetSmart PRO MLS Listing plan:After 12 months, you will be prompted to extend your listing agreement and your listing will be continue in the MLS at no charge until you sell.

SOLO & WORKS plans:
If your home doesn't sell after the listing period ends, you can extend your listing for (30% off) or have a new listing (with “zero days of the market”) for 20% off. Our Florida sales statistics indicate 120 days on the market is the average for our sellers.

Option #1
Extend the Listing Date prior to expiration: This type of extension involves adjusting the expiration date within the original listing in the MLS. The price to renew by this method is 30% off of the original listing price.

Option #2
Re-enter Listing after it expires: This renewal is essentially a brand new listing. We will re-enter the listing in the MLS which will create a new MLS number and MAY start the listing at “0” (Zero) DOM (days on market). The cost for this type of renewal is 20% off of the current program price.

Note: It may also be recommended to institute a new price on the listing at the time of renewal. If you need advice on this topic, feel free to contact us and speak with a broker. You may also want to consider ordering a CMA for $50.00 in the “Add Accessories” section of MY ACCOUNT as this will give you an idea of what other properties like yours are selling for in the current market.

**NOTE: Certain MLS systems have restrictions on how days on market are handled.  MLS Rules and Regulations change periodically and GetMoreOffers makes no guarantees on how an individual MLS will display Days On Market.

For example, My Florida Regional MLS Listings, per MLS Rules and Regulations, a broker cannot re-enter a listing with a new MLS ID number for 30 days after it has expired or has been withdrawn. To do so before 30 days is an immediate $500 fine.

Rental property for flat fee MLS

Will list my rental in the MLS?

Yes. If you would like to list your property For Rent only, You can use our Rental MLS program, which costs $349.00. If you would like to list your property for rent and for sale, you can add a rental listing on to your main program for an additional $349.00.

What commission should I offer to an agent that finds a renter for me?

It depends on the area. Our system allows you to select commission of between $100-$5000. For example, in Florida, customarily, one month rent is offered but in many parts of Florida, half of a month rent or even $300-800 will work.


Why Can't I Log In?

Be sure that you have correctly typed your username and password into the proper areas.

If problems still persist, you may be blocking cookies. Please be sure you are not blocking cookies from our site.

Call us…877-232-9695 and we will be glad to assist you!

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I am having technical difficulties, who do I contact?

Call us…® 1-877-232-9695 and we will be glad to assist you! You can also send an email to if you are a flat fee seller and someone will get back to you shortly to assist you with your technical issues.

My payment is not going through, what do I do?

Call our office and we'll be happy to assist you.

Call 1-877-232-9695.