Guide to the Sign-up Process for GetMoreOffers®.com Flat Fee MLS Listings…

1) Choose Program
  • On the home page of (or one of its sub-pages), select one of the flat fee MLS plans and click “list now”.
2) Registration
  • Create username & password
  • Provide your name, address & contact info
3) Checkout
  • Here you will have the opportunity to add accessories such as lockbox, virtual tour, additional signage and signage upgrades, input of property in separate rental category of MLS, etc.
4) Enter Property Info
  • Be prepared to give details about your property such as year built, square footage, room dimensions, property features & property description.
  • You can save as incomplete and come back to your account and continue from where you left off at any time
5) Flat Fee MLS Listing Agreement
  • Our listing agreement is very straightforward and will touch on key points such as:
    • which flat fee MLS program you are using and the cost
    • statement of commission being offered to brokers/agents in the MLS
    • ability to cancel listing at any time
    • whether or not you will be using a lockbox
    • acknowledgement of requirements of the MLS
  • You can either electronically sign the agreement or print it out and fax it in. Listing agreements are stored in your “seller's control panel” for later review.
6) Photo Upload
  • If you have digital photos that are ready to be uploaded into your account, you can do this now. Or, you can come back into your account at a later time and add them.
  • Keep in mind we will need at least one exterior front photo before we can input your listing into the MLS. For Condos you need a photo of the front of your condo building. Vacant Land requires a photo of the land or an aerial shot. Waterfront shots are not considered an exterior front photo. However, you can use a waterfront shot as the 1st photo as long as the 2nd photo is a picture of the front elevation or condo building.

Note: Once your listing is placed into the MLS, you will receive an email notifying you that your listing is now active in the MLS. This notification will also enable you to verify our data input to ensure accuracy.


You can always come back and finish listing at a later time. The system will likely recognize you when you go back to our site, (Upper right corner of site it should say “welcome (your name)”. If not, click log-in and continue.)

You can set any date you wish to have your listing entered in the MLS. This field is located at the top of the “property data form”.

Your listing will automatically be placed in our “ready-listing-queue” to enter in the MLS once all of the steps above have been completed.

You will receive an email from our MLS administrator notifying you that your listing is “active” in the MLS. This email will allow you to verify the accuracy of the MLS data sheet that Realtors see.

You are allowed one free “round-of changes” every 30 days. Until your listing is “active” in the MLS, our system doesn't track changes. Commission and price changes are always free and do NOT count as a change.

Once your listing is complete, it's easy to edit your listing anytime!

Step 1: Go to website
Step 2: Navigate to “My Account
Step 3: Select "Manage My Listing”
Step 4: In the top left green box, select the second link, “edit listing data

Note: Every change you make is logged and once ADDvantage's MLS administrator makes your changes in the MLS, an email will be sent that confirms the change is complete.

Important forms once listed:

All forms are located in our forms section, as well as in your seller control panel.

Seller's Disclosure (4 page document describing the overall condition of the property. This form must be printed, filled out and either scanned into your “Manage documents” or faxed to 866-420-8957

HOA Disclosure (1 page document disclosing the monthly/quarterly/annual home owners association fee). This form must be printed, filled out and either scanned into your “Manage documents” or faxed to 866-420-8957

We are open from Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM. Call us anytime at 727-942-2929 or 1-877-232-9695.