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Save a lot of money by using New Frontier Title to close your transaction and issue your title policy.This is to give you notice that the owners of ADDvantage® Real Estate Services and the website®, has a business relationship with New Frontier Title, LLC in that one or more of the owners of ADDvantage® Real Estate Services and® have an ownership interest in. This notice is given to disclose this relationship as this referral may provide ADDvantage® Real Estate Services and® or its owners a financial benefit via returns on ownership interest.

Yes - I would like to use New Frontier Title
No - I don't want to save money using New Frontier Title
Exceptional Results At A Fraction of The Cost
$499 up front + 1% at close*
$0 up front + 1% at close*
Minimum at close fee of $3,000.00
YOU DECIDE buyer's agent commisson during the sign up process.
7 Days A Week
Customer Support
Complete Internet
1% at close
1% at close
Until Sold
Cancel Anytime*

Sell fast, save commission and leave no money on the table

Through selling thousands of homes over three and half decades, Co-founder/Broker, Keith Robert Gordon has mastered the techniques of contract negotiations and pricing strategies. While most agents follow the same old, same old approach to negotiating an offer, Keith's methods actually work to net you more and with the best terms possible.

PRO vs Traditional Real Estate Listings

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Traditional Agents
traditional agents charge too much graphic
Average At Close Cost With Buyer's Agent
total commission cost
3%$499 + 3%
Our average cost 1% listing and 2% buyers agent commission graphic
         1%$499 + 1%
Ex: Buyers Agent commission of 2%: total commission will be 3%$499 + 3% for homes over $343,000. Minimum $3,000.00 listing fee for homes $343,000 and under. YOU DECIDE buyer's agent commission in the sign up process.
total commission cost
average traditional agent cost 3% listing and 3% buyers agent commission

Average At Close Cost With No Buyer's Agent
total commission cost
4 to 6%
total commission cost

We offer single agent with fiduciary duty image
We offer a higher level of service
Single Agency
(fiduciary duty)
In Florida, default is:
Transaction Broker

Seven day a week customer support
7 days/week
Live Support
Based on agent's Availability

Support Staff
A whole team of specialists
Likely the agent him/herself

Exceptional representation and negotiation with PRO broker
Broker Experience
Our brokers have a minimum of 20+ years of experience
As little as one month up to years

Negotiation Skills
Experts in contract negotiations

Track Record
Thousands of closed transactions
Over $1.3 Billion SOLD
typically a few deals a year

marketign your home graphic
taken by seller & uploaded
Professional packages available for a fee
Custom Website
dedicated URL for property
Streaming walkthrough tour of your home
free platform to upload your video
Custom Property Flyer
List in MLS, all other Real Estate websites available
taken by agent or professional
List in MLS and other Real Estate websites depending on company policies

cancel anytime with 60 day notice graphic
Listing Agreement
Cancel anytime with 60 days notice
List up to 1 year
6 months lock
No cancellations

PRO Client Testimonials
Homes Sold Through The PRO Plan

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Join the 1000's of successful sellers we've serviced since 2005.

Our decades of experience, expertise & negotiating skills will ensure that you: Sell fast, net more, save money, and avoid stress.'s too short.

More Services For A Fraction Of The Cost

Real humans, real service, advanced technology

Premium Marketing
  • Custom Website
  • Custom Brochure
  • Social Media
  • / Zillow /

  • 18 Day Price Reviews
  • Power Negotiations
  • Appraisal Shortfall Risk Management
  • Buyer Vetting

Single Agency
  • We represent you exclusively
  • Highest level of representation
  • Legal obligations to represent just you (fiduciary)
  • Loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, full disclosure

Listing Features
  • Professional Representation
  • Coaching Sellers video training series
  • Seller price consultation
  • Appraisal expectations
  • Realtor® (buyer agent) Communications
  • Buyer pre-qualification due diligence
  • Negotiation of all offers
  • Inspection coordination
  • Inspection report review and analysis
  • Inspection addendum if needed
  • Email communications
  • Appraisal coordination
  • Title coordination and closing
  • ALTA settlement statement review
  • Contract Management
  • List until you sell MLS listing - free renewals
  • Same Day Activation in the MLS
  • Integrated Title & Closing Service

A Whole Team of Specialists Behind You

When you sign up for PRO, you don't just get one person attending to your listing, you get a whole team of specialists working for you, 7 days a week.

From expert Broker Negotiators and Transaction Coordinators to MLS Listing Administrators, Marketing Specialists and Customer Support Members, we have you covered.

Our protocols ensure that your listing is diligently and professionally handled at all times from the day you list through the day you close.

Keith Robert Gordon
Broker, Co-Founder
Erin Knorr
Renee Golda-Widman
Associate Broker
Lynn Simonton
Client Success Manager
Marci Kunzig
Transaction Coordinator
Michelle Mullis
MLS Director
Toni Lupo
Consulting Realtor
Jessica Emery
Todd Barton
Marketing Director
Rich Shaw
Whitney Essman
Graphic Artist
Keith Robert Gordon - Broker

To put it simply, we do not settle just to get the deal done. We fight for our sellers' equity. It takes more effort and the application of specific tactics but this approach has been proven to work. We earn our fee by performing for our sellers and that's the way it should be.

- Keith Robert Gordon / Founder - Florida Broker

Why You Should Choose Us Over Any Other Company

  • Mon-Thu 8:30AM-7PM
  • Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM
  • Sat 9AM-5PM
  • Sun 9AM-4PM

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Integration with New Frontier Title*

Besides saving money on your listing, the New Frontier Title option comes with coordination with our affiliated title company New Frontier Title. New Frontier Title provides exceptional service at a lower cost. With no junk fees, seamless closing and exceptional service, New Frontier Title is the best option for your homes title service.

95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home graphic
Appeal To More Buyers

Receive A Free Photo/Tour Package

Our HouseCert Enhancement Program is for savvy sellers who want to reduce stress and loss during the inspection process. Find out the benefits of the HouseCert program and improve every aspect of the home sale process!

In-Depth Educational Resources

Included To Help You Understand The Real Estate Market

Coaching Sellers Video Series

Your PRO listing comes with 30 videos with 3 hours of expert instruction that will help you understand the principals of real estate, the nuances of negotiations, and how to get full value for your home. Veteran Broker Keith Robert Gordon breaks down the process step by step and gives you insider knowledge to help you get the best results.

A $99 Value