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Full Service 5/4/3 5%, 4%, or 3% at close

Full Service 5/4/3

This program is no longer available. Please check out our Platinum plan.

5%, 4%, or 3% at close Flat Fee Listing—List Property for Sale or For Rent

  1. 5% if a buyer's agent is involved in the transaction, 4% if we bring the buyer, 3% if you bring the buyer
  2. One time flat fee – No other charges!

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  • Free unlimited price & commission changes
  • NO Hidden Fees – Cancel anytime
  • Lead Capture system«

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The Full Service 5/4/3 stands for who get what when the home is sold.

With Full Service 5/4/3, we engage the seller to find anyone looking to move into their neighborhood and others that can spread the word. Interestingly, sellers often are responsible for selling their own property but still pay 6%. With Full Service 5/4/3, should the seller find the buyer, the seller pays just 3%, as it should be! If ADDvantage sells the home, we charge just 4%, and should an outside agent sell the home its 5% (3% to the buyer's agent and 2% to ADDvantage…which, in a perfect real estate world, this is how it should be).