Exclusive Right of Sale listings

Friday, February 15, 2008, 3:19AM

By: Keith Gordon

Some sellers have concerns that traditional agents boycott limited service listings by not showing them. There are a few ways that a Realtor® can tell that you are flat fee listed:

  1. When a listing is entered into the MLS, the broker must choose a classification to designate the level of service given to the seller. Most “flat fee” listings fall into the category of “Exclusive Agency-Limited Service” or just “Limited Service.” The reason this classification is different from “Exclusive Right of Sale” is that the flat fee MLS listing company does not typically represent the seller with regard to contract negotiations and the seller may sell to an unrepresented buyer and pay no commission fees at closing.
  2. It is usually the case that the seller takes phone calls directly for showings in a limited service agreement. The language in the MLS for Realtors® to “contact seller directly at…” can be a giveaway that the seller is flat fee listed.

When listed with our ADDvantage PLUS™ or ADDvantage WORKS™ (Option 2) program, your listing is considered an “Exclusive Right of Sale” listing because ADDvantage represents you in contract negotiations and earns a fee of Not Available ($3,000 max) or Not Available at the closing regardless of who procures the sale of the property. When listed in the MLS as Exclusive Right of Sale, your listing will be identical to other full service listings. Agent Assure® is included our contract representation programs and therefore your contact info will not be displayed in the MLS. All calls will go through ADDvantage and we will act as the liaison for scheduling appointments and giving showing instructions to Realtors®.

Note: While the Department of Justice prohibits Realtors® from discriminating against flat fee listed sellers, a certain small percentage of Realtors® have stated (verbally to our sellers) that they will not show a property that they know to be flat fee listed. While these claims come from agents who are soliciting our sellers for their full service listing, ADDvantage must acknowledge that certain unethical agents may be practicing this illegal discrimination. We believe that our contract representation programs serve to avoid the possible loss of showings as well as provide our sellers with services that are in their best interest overall.