Street Smart ADDvantage® Florida flat fee MLS listed homes get more attention from Florida Realtors®

Florida flat fee MLS sellers find value in ADDvantage's™ bi-monthly direct Realtor® email flat fee MLS program called Street Smart ADDvantage®. This unique Realtor® direct email service will get your commission offer of 4% or to those Florida Realtors® living or working within 35 miles of your Florida property for sale twice per month. In Florida, there are more than 145,000 Realtors® competing for sales. Getting flat fee MLS listed by ADDvantage™ using the Street Smart ADDvantage® plan is one easy step toward getting your Florida flat fee MLS listing sent right to the powerful sales force of the Florida Realtors®. Street Smart ADDvantage® was designed to help Florida flat fee MLS sellers reach these Realtors® in a professional email.

Florida Realtors® live on commissions so as far as they're concerned, the more the better. The Street Smart ADDvantage® concept is based on three principles. One, Florida Realtors® will show higher commission properties over similar properties for sale; Two, a Florida flat fee MLS seller is not paying a listing commission (6% full service) which allows them, especially in a buyers market, to offer the buyer's agent a commission amount higher than what is considered to be average. In Florida, the average buyer's agent commission is near 2.7%. The third principle on why Street Smart ADDvantage® is more effective for Florida flat fee MLS sellers is that commission is generally cheaper than price. This concept is best explained by looking at the average Florida home price of $250,000. A seller offering 6% commission in a full service listing would pay $15,000. Your typical Florida flat fee MLS seller pays about 3% or $7,500 to only one side (the buyer's agent). 1% commission on a $250,000 home is $2,500. If the Florida flat fee MLS seller offers 4% commission to the buyer's agent rather than 3%, the extra 1% would costs the seller $2,500. The theory that commission is cheaper than price is fully understood when one realizes that once an offer comes in and negotiations start, $5,000-$10,000 would be the minimum price increments in negotiating an offer…which is higher than $2500.

A Florida flat fee MLS seller listing their property in Street Smart ADDvantage® must offer 4% or higher buyer's agent commission (all going to the buyer's agent, none to the Florida flat fee MLS service, ADDvantage™). The 4% minimum commission is the reason why Realtors® anticipate the arrival of each bi-monthly Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast…it brings good news every two weeks.

Getting listed flat fee with Street Smart ADDvantage® is easy and your Florida property will be ready for our Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast system the day you finish your flat fee MLS listing with ADDvantage™. View a sample of the Florida Street Smart ADDvantage® email.

Our email campaign reporting is an excellent way for Florida flat fee MLS sellers to track their E-Blast success! “E-Blast” campaign results can be viewed by logging into your ADDvantage™ account under “property view history”.

A Street Smart ADDvantage® listing comes with Showcase enhancement for all Florida flat fee MLS sellers SHOWCASE advertisements stand out above the other listings and when you Florida property flat fee MLS using Street Smart ADDvantage®, a upgrade is included. When a seller flat fee lists a Florida property and selects Street Smart ADDvantage®, Florida sellers receive more FSBO marketing with direct marketing to Florida Realtors®. Florida FSBOs who choose to target market to local Florida Realtors® and buyers truly benefit from this plan. Affordable flat fee MLS plans in Florida that offer enhanced marketing to Florida Realtors® are finally attainable! Don't give up service and enhanced marketing by listing with a “cheap” flat fee MLS Florida listing service. Make your decision to list your Florida property flat fee MLS one that really counts. You may spend a little more initially but, the end results will equal big savings!

A Powerful combination for Florida FSBO's marketing flat fee MLS…ADDvantage's™ 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days a week support, Advanced Internet Marketing and Street Smart ADDvantage®

Your Florida home listed for sale by owner with ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network's brand of flat fee MLS will be exposed to the nearly 80% of buyers through,, and via MSN, AOL,,,,, Tampa Bay Online, Trulia, Zillow, Google, and Yahoo Classifieds. ADDvantage™ offers Florida flat fee MLS sellers advanced flat fee MLS plans, options and FSBO marketing with personalized customer service. Flat fee MLS listing software, IT and marketing professionals are at your service 7 days a week– contributing to a higher success for Florida flat fee MLS sellers who list flat fee MLS with us!

Florida flat fee MLS Sellers find Success in ADDvantage's™ 9:00am-6:00pm Customer Support

Imagine all the Internet marketing, Street Smart ADDvantage® emails being sent by the thousands, your 4% commission in front of 40,000 Realtors® in a Florida city such as Miami but with no one to answer the phone. Why is it that flat fee MLS Florida services don't answer the phone in any reliable fashion? Keith Gordon, broker for Florida ADDvantage™ believes, “Most Florida flat fee MLS services don't really care about all the effort required to sell homes. It is very expensive to answer the phone live 9 hours a day 7 days a week. At ADDvantage™ we see the Florida market differently from most Florida flat fee MLS services. We have successfully built the best flat fee MLS listing software possible. It truly takes care of business. We take pride in every lead we capture and all the intricate details of the service we offer to Florida flat fee MLS sellers. Florida Realtors® have never experienced such professional customer service until ADDvantage™. We go above and beyond for our Florida flat fee listed sellers.”

Choose any one of our superior Flat Fee MLS plans and with same day service, you'll be off to a great start in selling your Florida property with a company who genuinely is your ADDvocate.