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Miami-Dade, Florida - home to ADDvantage™, Florida's most service oriented flat fee MLS service offering flat fee MLS innovation with Street Smart ADDvantage® and Professional ADDvantage™.

Miami is where ADDvantage's FL broker, Keith Gordon, began offering flat fee MLS services in 2000. Keith says, “We have come a long way since we started in 2000. We offered a traditional flat fee MLS listing, no strings attached and no fancy website. We focused on the greater Miami-Dade area from Sunny Isles to North Beach, South Beach to Coral Gables, South Miami to Homestead. We were members on one board, The Coral Gables Board of Realtors®.”

Now, ADDvantage™ has membership in 18 Florida boards, has an extensive website, offers its well branded flat fee MLS products and software via license agreements in other states, employs MLS administrators, content and SEO writers and our star of a programmer/webmaster, Ryan DuPont, a graduate of University of Florida (Computer Information Science Engineering and business degree).

ADDvantage offers 4 MLS flat fee packages in Florida, Street Smart ADDvantage® and Professional ADDvantage™ being the most unique.

Street Smart ADDvantage® - (Program not currently available) is the most effective Miami flat fee MLS plan offered by ADDvantage™ because of its special 4% or higher buyer's agent commission. Competition for buyers is fierce in Miami, Florida and one effective way to get more showings would be to offer the brokers and agents a higher than “normal” buyer's agent commission. The owners of ADDvantage™ were convinced that the smart thinking behind Street Smart ADDvantage® would be significant and it was. Street Smart ADDvantage® has become Miami-Dade most effective flat fee MLS plan for ADDvantage™ customers. To qualify for Street Smart ADDvantage®, the Miami flat fee MLS seller must offer a minimum of 4% buyer's agent commission. This “higher than normal” buyer's agent commission (ADDvantage™ receives zero commission just the (Program not currently available)) is the reason why the program works so well. Here how it works. Twice a month, Miami Realtors® who work within 35 miles of your Miami flat fee MLS listed property will receive the Street Smart ADDvantage® report by email. See how many Miami-Dade Realtors® would actually receive the Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast for your property. This means Realtors® will have the opportunity to click a link inside the email, taking them directly to your listing page at ADDvantage™. We receive about a 13% click-through rate which is high considering the large number of emails sent. The Street Smart ADDvantage® email is composed in simple format, see sample of Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast report.

The theory that supports the concept of offering a 4% or greater buyer's agent commission is well documented by research from numerous respected sources such as this article published in Get Wired Magazine. Please check out our interactive table which estimates your net using different levels of commissions.

Professional ADDvantage™ is ADDvantage's™ ultimate concierge flat fee MLS package-0.75% at close ($1,500 min). Professional ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS is well suited for Miami's high end properties. It offers special FSBO marketing such as: the Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast newsletter if the Miami flat fee MLS seller offers a 4% or higher buyer's agent commission; 250 jumbo custom postcards with a “Just Listed” message designed to find a buyer renting near your property or someone that knows of a person that is looking; 100% contract to close representation; a real virtual tour connected to a custom Showcase listing; wood sign post & metal sign (if deed restrictions allow) and; Agent Assure®, our reliable answering service, where our phone number is advertised, we take all calls and schedule all showings for sellers every day from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

All ADDvantage™ Florida flat fee MLS programs are based on what we call a traditional flat fee MLS service. Our definition of a traditional Florida flat fee MLS is that a fee is paid up front and in turn, the South Florida flat fee MLS seller receives certain rights. These basic rights are: (1) cancel any time with no fee; (2) no strings attached to cancellation such as a required 25% referral commission paid back to the Florida flat fee MLS service; (3) live phone support; (4) reliable phone support; (5) listing software that allows the Miami flat fee MLS seller to make changes to their flat fee MLS listing online; (6) a buyer lead capture system; (7) and most importantly, that all buyer leads from sources such as, and other Internet ads (including calls off the yard sign) belong to the Miami flat fee MLS seller- not the South Florida flat fee MLS service. Read our expose of Florida flat fee MLS trickery.

ADDvantage™ is an “ADDvocate” of South Florida flat fee MLS Sellers rights. We authored the Florida Flat Fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights. There are fair, honest, hardworking Florida flat fee MLS services and then there are the unethical Florida flat fee MLS. Although in general, it seems that many Florida and national flat fee MLS services have a business model that is not consumer friendly. It seems that too many businesses, in general, have a trap built into their business model. Banks with overdraft fees, credit card companies with high interest rates, phone companies with added on charges and the list goes on. Well, the Florida flat fee MLS business is no different because many Florida flat fee MLS services have built in schemes of some kind. The most common trap in Florida flat fee MLS is what we coined as “bait and trap”. The most outrageous FSBO trap is; the most common Florida flat fee MLS complaint from flat fee sellers is the Florida flat fee MLS service's poor phone support; and the most convoluted Florida flat fee MLS scheme would be one that takes the Miami flat fee MLS seller's buyer leads from and other internet sources. Another outrageous practice by a few Florida flat fee MLS services is they require you to use their real estate yard sign with their phone number, charge you a fine of $250 if you take it down and then have the audacity to take all buyer leads generated from that yard sign for their own agents to earn your offered buyer's agent commission. Some Florida flat fee MLS sellers believe this is normal Florida flat fee MLS protocol - it is not! And what it essentially accomplishes is to eliminate any chance the flat fee MLS seller has to sell the property without paying a commission. This is next to impossible if the seller never has any unrepresented buyer leads to work. The only real chance a seller has is to procure a buyer is via an open house. But with 77% of people searching for properties online these days, this doesn't offer much hope.

Why is ADDvantage™ so concerned about being fair and honest with its Miami-Dade flat fee MLS sellers? Because ADDvantage's owners and employees believe in Karma and believe that long term, we will fare better by providing straightforward services. We always deal honestly with all situations and the customer is always right unless it violates the rules and regulations of the MLS, or our principles.

Please read our Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing Agreement. It incorporates the Florida Flat Fee MLS Seller's Bill of Rights.

Don't settle for anything less than Real Estate By Your Rules!®

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