Flat Fee MLS Florida the ADDvantage™ Way!

Our number one recommendation to Florida flat fee MLS sellers is to list flat fee in the MLS with a Florida MLS listing service that supports the Florida flat rate listed seller with tools that enable them to capitalize on the 145,000 Florida Realtors® with services such as our 9AM-6PM phone support every day of the week. Our number two recommendation to Florida flat fee MLS sellers is to list flat fee in the MLS with a Florida discount real estate company that has built MLS listing software designed for the Florida FSBO seller so all buyer leads and Realtor® calls can be effectively captured and emailed in real time to the Florida flat rate MLS seller. And our third recommendation is go with a Florida discount real estate broker that actually has a commitment to Florida flat fee sellers by belonging to over 18 Florida MLS boards…no third party brokers handling your valuable Florida flat fee MLS listing.

From Orlando to Tampa, Sarasota to Naples and Jacksonville to Miami, Florida flat fee MLS sellers trust the service and commitment we offer in our Florida flat fee listing plans. Our unbeatable customer service stands above any Florida flat fee MLS or full-service real estate company by offering prompt, accurate and friendly service.

Listing and selling your Florida home flat fee MLS can yield rapid and desirable results. "Sold," by owner, can become a reality when you list flat fee MLS in Florida with the ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network! If you have decided to list a home for sale or for rent for one flat fee in the Florida MLS (Multiple Listing Service) you certainly have an array of flat fee MLS services on-line to choose from. Determining which Florida flat fee MLS to list with is often challenging—yet, for some Florida sellers it boils down to the price of the Florida flat fee MLS service. Cheaper flat fee MLS listings are never the most effective and in the end will cost the Florida flat fee MLS seller more money. There are many things to look for prior to listing with a Florida MLS listing service that will affect the overall integrity of your listing and sale.

“For sale by Owners” should gain a full understanding of how a reputable Florida flat fee MLS service should operate. All flat fee MLS Florida listing services differ, not only in price but, in service. Signing a listing agreement with a Florida flat fee MLS who outsources a seller's (FSBO) flat fee MLS listing isn't beneficial to any seller. Listing your Florida property with a Florida flat fee MLS service whose credentials, service, MLS flat fee and plans are proven effective should be at the forefront. Listing flat fee MLS in Florida with the ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network will result in more Realtor® showings for your Florida home, condo, or investment property— with confidence and ease. Whether your Florida real estate is for sale in South Beach, Miami, or Orlando, Florida—ADDvantage™ guarantees to list your FSBO in your local Florida MLS, manage your flat fee MLS edits rapidly, offer full service real estate options when and if you need them, and help you sell for sale by owner without difficulty. You may think “all Florida flat rate MLS listing services offer the same thing so why not list flat fee MLS for less?” That couldn't be farther from the truth. ADDvantage™ cares about our Florida flat fee MLS sellers and our reputation. Our flat fee MLS programs are geared towards sellers who realize they need more when selling for sale by owner in Florida. We don't believe that slapping a listing into the MLS and saying “case closed” is the way to run a legitimate Florida flat fee MLS company…that is, if you truly have Florida flat rate MLS clients' best interests at heart. Our commitment to provide 9AM-6PM phone support every day of the week and our diligence towards capturing leads shows that we believe this to be the key to getting more offers. If it means charging more than another flat fee MLS service out there, we're okay with that. After all, why pay anything to be listed flat rate MLS if you can't be certain you'll get every lead and have the support system you need to manage your listing? We really do over-deliver on service when you list in the MLS flat fee with us–regardless of which of our Flat Fee MLS listing programs you choose… You're number one with ADDvantage™, which makes us Florida's choice for discount real estate listing.

THE MLS, NAR and the ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network

The Florida MLS is actually not one, but several proprietary electronic databases containing residential homes, vacant land and commercial properties listed by Realtors® for sale or lease within a specific geographical area. These databases were created by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR®) who now has over 1.3 million members. You must be a member of NAR® to list in the MLS and agree to adhere to a strict code of ethics to maintain your membership. ADDvantage™ Flat Fee MLS (ADDvantage™ Real Estate Services) is a member of 18 of these individual Florida MLS systems and therefore will never have to outsource a Florida seller's listing. We abide by their strict codes and have invested in our Florida Realtor® MLS Board memberships. Some other listing services do not conform to these standards and rely on another outside listing services to do their MLS listings and maintenance of those listings. Will you know who or where that listing company is or what their standing with the various Florida MLS boards are? One function of the Florida MLS is to provide a platform for Florida Realtors® to state the listed properties' commission participation to other Realtors®. This is why you do not see For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) properties listed in the MLS. It is important that when a Florida real estate agent views your listing in the MLS they recognized it as one that is backed by a reputable Florida listing agent. Many Realtors® will not approach FSBOs but, Realtors® recognize the ADDvantage™ name as a trusted source and will not shy away from showing your FSBO. We've put a lot into our Florida flat fee MLS company and it shows in our reputation.

List your property with a trusted flat fee MLS in Florida, discover the differences in service

Most Florida sellers who list flat fee MLS have a basic understanding of how the Florida MLS works but, it's crucial to understand the importance of listing your home for sale accurately and with the correct MLS board. Smart Florida sellers who want to list and sell a home flat fee MLS can avoid costly, common mistakes when choosing a Florida flat fee MLS company. "For Sale By Owners" should be aware of some hidden flaws (and some that are also obvious!) often associated with Florida flat fee MLS services or “websites”. It's worth a seller's time to discover the differences in service and credentials. By doing a little “leg work” sellers will find that some Florida listing services may not be members of NAR® and are simply outsourcing FSBO listings third party agents to service. Listing flat fee MLS in Florida and selling successfully depends on the accuracy of listing and overall service and credentials provided by your Florida flat fee MLS.

Florida flat fee MLS listing services for FSBOs are not equal and sellers should be careful

For instance, is your flat fee company fully operational and available 7 days a week from 9AM to 6PM to serve your needs? ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network cares about our clients and we're here to back you up by preserving and protecting your buyer leads. List a home, land or rental property with us and retain every sales lead. More showings equals more offers thus, more sales generated. Flat fee MLS listing software plays a big role as well. Some of you may wonder why that matters—Well, having access to your listing options and information 24/7 helps bridge the gap between you and your listing agent. If can't have control over your listing then you may lose control over your sale. Ask yourself prior to listing flat fee MLS—will you be able to list flat fee with ease and are you in control at all times of your own Florida FSBO listing? How difficult will it be to make changes to your listing once you've chosen your flat fee Florida MLS listing company? Sellers today want options in a flat fee MLS and ADDvantage™ offers four flat fee MLS plans plus many add-ons to help For Sale By Owners in Florida list and sell professionally. From Jacksonville to Orlando and Tampa to Miami—Florida FSBOs LOVE what we offer in our flat fee listing plans. Our unbeatable customer service stands above any other Florida flat fee MLS with prompt, accurate and friendly service.

Review our Florida flat fee MLS seller's testimonials and browse around our site. We know you'll find everything you need to list and sell for sale by owner and flat fee in Florida's MLS however, if you don't find what you need just give us a call and we'll be glad to assist you. List Flat fee MLS in Florida the ADDvantage way and you'll be selling “smart!”