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Save a lot of money by using New Frontier Title to close your transaction and issue your title policy.This is to give you notice that the owners of ADDvantage® Real Estate Services and the website®, has a business relationship with New Frontier Title, LLC in that one or more of the owners of ADDvantage® Real Estate Services and® have an ownership interest in. This notice is given to disclose this relationship as this referral may provide ADDvantage® Real Estate Services and® or its owners a financial benefit via returns on ownership interest.

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The Self Rep: WORKS plan is perfect for sellers who wish to negotiate their own offers but who still see the benefit of professional support. With the Self Rep: WORKS plan, you get your own dedicated transaction coordinator to create electronic contract documents, ensure important timelines are met and maintain required disclosures.

While the Self Rep: WORKS plan does not include offer/contract advice or representation, you will receive broker pricing consultation advice, answers to general questions and offer review. In addition, you also receive access to the Coaching Sellers video series and book by Broker Keith Robert Gordon, Professional Negotiating for Full Value in Real Estate.

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Integration with New Frontier Title*

Besides saving money on your listing, the New Frontier Title option comes with coordination with our affiliated title company New Frontier Title. New Frontier Title provides exceptional service at a lower cost. With no junk fees, seamless closing and exceptional service, New Frontier Title is the best option for your homes title service.

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In-Depth Educational Resources

Available To Help You Get The Most Money For Your Home

Coaching Sellers Video Series

Your Self Rep - WORKS listing comes with 30 videos with 3 hours of expert instruction that will help you understand the principals of real estate, the nuances of negotiations, and how to get full value for your home. Veteran Broker Keith Robert Gordon breaks down the process step by step and gives you insider knowledge to help you get the best results.

A $99 Value

Available Add-Ons During Checkout

$9.50 each
+ $14.99 S&H*
$29.99 each
+ $14.99 S&H*
Phone & MLS#
& $17.00

From $24.99
+ $10.00 S&H
Photo Package

$8.50 each
+ $14.99 S&H*
$8.50 each
+ $14.99 S&H*

Varied Pricing
$159 With
For Sale Listing

*$14.99 total shipping & handling for any number of signs

Advanced Marketing

95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home graphic

Our Self Rep: WORKS plan gives you complete internet marketing so that your listing is presented to the largest pool of buyers possible. Our advanced technology gives buyers immediate access to your listing whether on a computer or mobile device.

Our expert team enters your listing into the MLS the same day you enter your property data*. It is then pushed out to all of the top real estate websites and hundreds of others to give you the best exposure possible.

*If listing is complete by 2pm Mon-Fri, excluding holidays

Your Listing - Maximum Exposure