By Owner MLS Listing In Florida

By Owner flat fee listing has become Florida home sellers' best choice for listing in the MLS while maintaining FSBO status. With the advent of MLS-by-owner listings, sellers in Florida now control the amount of commission they want to offer buyer's agents, get listed in the MLS for a flat fee, and control the entire process. Most by owners offer 2% to 3% and if they sell with no agent involved, no commission is paid at all.

ADDvantage is different from other by owner MLS services in Florida in 3 important ways:

  1. Our clients sell “by-owner” (no Realtor® involved) 27% of the time, thus avoiding all commission expense. »See our sales statistics.
  2. Our 27% By Owner stat is the highest success rate of any listing service in Florida. The reason our FSBO clients enjoy so much success selling by-owner is because ADDvantage offers the best phone support and Internet marketing. Plus we offer the most creative MLS listing plans of any flat fee service in Florida.
  3. From Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM, our administrators take all calls live from buyers and Realtors® across Florida from cities such as Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and even the smaller ones such as Gainesville and Sarasota.

ADDvantage will assist any caller with information about your property. Calls come from Realtors® and buyers from sites such as, the biggest buyer real estate site and this site generates calls and emails to ADDvantage.

ADDvantage's 9:00am to 6:00pm 7 days a week phone ethic results in more buyers and Realtors® showing/viewing our By Owner MLS listed properties. Even though it states in the Multiple Listing Service that Realtors® should call the By Owner seller directly for all showings and offers, many of the Realtors® don't pay attention to these instructions and do what they have been doing for 70 years (protocol) which is…call the listing broker. Many FSBOs believe that once listed in the MLS, phone calls and emails are automatically going to come to them as if it's a guarantee. This is 100% false. No seller contact information is permitted in the most popular real estate website on planet earth… The By Owner seller is 100% reliant on the flat fee listing service to be competent and trustworthy to forward such leads to them. ADDvantage guarantees this and we put it in writing in our flat fee listing agreements.

Over the past 12 months, 2,912 calls have been answered live by ADDvantage. We help our by owners get more showings and this approach sells more homes. Not all by owner MLS services guarantee that all buyer leads (we call them “unrepresented buyers” because they have no Realtor®) will be forwarded to the seller. These leads are a valuable commodity to agents and brokers. Make sure you list by owner MLS with a trusted and reliable service such as ADDvantage.

We take phone ethic to a higher level of competency in that every call, whether from a buyer or Realtor®, is transcribed into an email and sent in real time to the by owner MLS seller. As well, a copy is stored in your ADDvantage account for the record and easy retrieval.

Another major difference between a For Sale By Owner MLS listing with ADDvantage compared with other services are plans offered by ADDvantage. We offer 4 By Owner MLS plans that all bring different levels of marketing or services to the seller. Our basic plan is MLS ADDvantage®. Our Realtor®-to-Realtor® E-Blast program is called Street Smart ADDvantage® and our contract-to-close (we do everything) MLS plan is called Professional ADDvantage™. For those who aren't ready to have a listing on the MLS, we also offer 2 basic FSBO listing programs.

When selling By Owner with MLS in Florida, trust your home's sale to a company that pays attention to all the details, big and small.

From Miami to Tampa, and from Orlando to Jacksonville, for-sale-by-owners are listing in the MLS using the flat fee services of ADDvantage 2 to 1 over other similar services.