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The Basic Street Smart ADDvantage® High Commission Properties Concept:
  • Flat fee MLS sellers offer Real Estate (Buyer's) Agents a higher than typical commission to find them a buyer.
  • ADDvantage sends an E-Blast every two weeks to Realtors® and Brokers within a 35 mile radius of your flat fee MLS listed property. Our proprietary list of agents and brokers is extensive. We report the success of each email campaign to the flat fee MLS seller by email. Street Smart ADDvantage® specifically markets your property to other brokers in your area to make sure agents know about your higher commissioned property, thus generating more Realtor® showings. It's like having a NEON sign on your property.   »How we market
  • Sellers, as a result, could receive more numerous and higher offers and ultimately NET MORE PROFIT on the sale.
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Street Smart ADDvantage®

Street Smart ADDvantage®

This program is no longer available. Please check out our Platinum plan.

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Broker's Opinion: Offering a higher than average buyer's agent commission is an effective marketing strategy. The Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast reaches most Realtors® within 35 miles of your property for sale. Offering more incentive to the buyer's agent is a smarter approach to selling faster. Motivate the Realtors®! Your listing will be “showcased” at and World Properties.

(Program not currently available) Flat Fee Listing

  1. Twice per month Realtor® E-Blast (if offering 4% or higher commission to the Realtors®)« »view sample E-Blast
  2. You set the commission to offer brokers/buyer's agents
  3. One time flat fee – No other charges!

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Street Smart ADDvantage® is an advanced flat fee MLS listing plan because it requires advanced programming, research and investment on our part to produce the Realtor® E-Blast that makes this flat fee MLS plan a unique FSBO with MLS marketing campaign. The idea of Street Smart ADDvantage® evolved because a flat fee MLS listing allows you the ability to offer more commission to a buyer's agent since the listing side of the commission is replaced with the flat fee. Realtors® are commission driven, so a little more attention should be garnered through the higher commission offer. The Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast lets the Realtors® know about your higher commission by putting it right in front of them. Check out our interactive table which calculates your net uses different levels of buyer agent commissions. We include your email in the E-Blast and send you a Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast readership report 10 days after the E-Blast.

The Street Smart ADDvantage® MLS flat fee listing plan is (Program not currently available) which includes all of our Internet marketing which is standard in our (Program not currently available) MLS ADDvantage® program, plus you'll receive "SHOWCASE" upgrade, the twice per month E-Blast of the Realtors® and our unparalleled LIVE support.

As with all ADDvantage flat fee MLS listing services, you can opt in our Agent Activate® feature which re-directs all buyer and Realtor® calls to ADDvantage. Agent Activate® allows our ADDvantage agent or affiliate to compete for the offered co-broke commission just like any Realtor®. In essence, only one commission is being paid to the first agent the sells the property. This concept is the perfect add-on to a flat fee MLS listing because in essence, the seller gets 99% of what a full service listing Realtor® does without paying a listing commission. You must use a lock box with Agent Activate®. Read our research about motivating realtors and how Street Smart ADDvantage® became ADDvantage's most effective flat fee MLS plan.