Building a Better Web Presence

If you're a builder, you need more national and international marketing on the web. When you list flat fee MLS with Builder's ADDvantage™ building your web presence is an added bonus that you won't get from other flat fee MLS services. With buyers savvy enough to surf the web on their own for their dream homes, highly aggressive internet marketing techniques are in demand and we deliver to builders. If you're a builder who has no time, skill or software to achieve multi-geographical marketing success and are choosing to list your homes on the MLS flat fee you can do both when you list with Builder's ADDvantage™. From promoting your flat fee listings on the web to providing 100% buyer lead protection—Builder's ADDvantage™ has more to offer when you list flat fee MLS–and at a heavily discounted rate.

ADDvantage™ knows that builders can't afford to list flat fee MLS with a company who doesn't provide comprehensive Internet exposure. Builder's ADDvantage™ has a fully staffed and committed marketing department that is continuously developing innovative ways to reach more agents and buyers. When listed flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™, buyers will find your preconstruction homes, condos and townhomes via all of the major real estate portals as well as the most prolific private membership only based sites such as and "Yes– we bulk list in the MLS with speed, accuracy and dependability," says Keith Gordon, Broker of Florida based ADDvantage™ Real Estate Services, “but builders need much more in a flat fee listing service," says Keith. "Our listing management software and customer service is superior, but we also go the extra mile by investing in other national and international listing sources to provide the most possible exposure for our clients. It's all about reaching the masses and we do whatever it takes to get our clients' listings seen. Then once the leads do come in, we make sure they are captured and protected. Selling Real Estate requires more than just marketing…it's really ½ marketing and ½ lead retention.”

Keith Gordon, along with a staff of developers, built the flat fee MLS listing software specific to the industry of home builders. He knew that builders needed time saving listing software PLUS extensive marketing when they bulk listed, and he was right on target. Builders are raving about the ease of use and the multi-functioning aspects of the client's control panel. From listing five to hundreds of homes flat fee on the MLS along with listing changes, reporting and mega-marketing, builders will actually find that they enjoy using Builder's ADDvantage™ for their Flat fee MLS service. "Some of our most satisfied clients are those who switched over from another listing company. They came in dissatisfied and discouraged and frankly, with good reason," Keith says. "Because we pride ourselves on “service” naturally we redeem ourselves through offering superior bulk MLS listings and customer support to builders.

We are readily available, 7 days a week, 9AM-6PM and because we offer 100% buyer lead protection–no lead gets lost in the shuffle. Our “steel curtain” mentality is backed by our awesome lead capture system. List flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™ and you'll be won over by the ease in which you can maintain home listings by utilizing our incredible software. Reputation is everything and we're here to maintain ours and yours. Trust and customer satisfaction, coupled with our superior software and internet marketing that builds your web presence is the key to mutual success."

Builder's ADDvantage™ “Built it Better”

What makes us stand out is our winning combination of unique listing software, customer service and the fact that we can build a better web presence for your new home builder flat fee listings. Our marketing department is driven and works diligently 7 days a week ensuring your success. Paving the way on the web to buyers searching for new homes and builder communities is our goal. Keeping abreast of new technology and implementing new software and optimization techniques is our IT Department's ambition. "We may be "geeks" but, we are constantly forging ahead in our technology so your listings will stand out above the rest. “We just built it better—because we knew that the success of the builders who seek our Flat Fee MLS Service is at the forefront," affirms Ryan DuPont, IT supervisor. "We work diligently together with our marketing staff and MLS administrators to get our builder's homes and community information to every possible website search engine, real estate portal, as well as Realtors® who can generate leads." Building an image and presence that will produce quality leads is just a portion of what Builder's ADDvantage™ offers their clients. Builder's ADDvantage™ offers Flat Fee MLS products and marketing to sell more homes and that's the bottom line for builders.