Never Miss a Buyer Lead

September 15, 2007

Builders, are you worried that one missed phone call or an unattended model home might result in a missed opportunity to sell your property? It doesn't have to happen. Builders are fully aware of the market conditions and are conscientious of lead retention. Now more than ever, builders are hard pressed, not only with their marketing campaigns but, they're working even harder to retain and follow up on the good leads they receive. Builder's ADDvantage offers builders not only fast, accurate and easy flat fee listing services, but, we extend additional creative solutions, built to alleviate builders' most common concerns.

Recently, we asked a group of builders to approximate how many buyer or Realtor® leads they had possibly missed due to routing or other communication errors. Further, builders were asked to consider, what was the likelihood that these missed calls may have turned into their competitor's sale?

This question opened up an array of thoughts and concerns regarding the options offered by many other flat fee multiple listing service companies. The majority of the builders we spoke with, even those who have listed flat fee MLS in the past conceded that, although they were fully staffed, there was always that margin of error to consider. It appeared that some worried more than others. “When business was booming losing one lead didn't affect us like it does currently,” said one builder.

Some of the builders that spoke with us conceded that Realtor® calls were often misdirected. The truth is that, many have known that buyer and Realtor® calls weren't always treated as “high priority”. Another good point one builder made was that, he works a five day work week and was totally maxed out by the weekends. He said that evening and weekend calls are handled by a skeleton staff or an answering service. Admitting to dropping a couple of leads in the most recent past in addition to having knowledge of repeat miscommunication of showing instructions, he was simply unaware of an alternative solution to retaining more leads. He thought all flat fee MLS companies offered the same thing…until we explained his options with Builder's ADDvantage™.

In essence, when you choose Builder's ADDvantage™ for your flat fee MLS, your success comes from knowing that our staff answers the phones 7 days a week, from 9AM-6PM. At any time, builders can add Agent Assure, Agent Activate or Street Smart ADDvantage® with one click from your control panel. If you're a builder opting for higher levels of service then ADDvantage makes it easy to list according to your particular needs.

Builder's ADDvantage™ offers simple solutions for managing all incoming calls, seven days a week. We will coordinate all showings with you and potential buyers or Realtors® and we will document all buyer leads and forward them to you. Facilitating buyers' and Realtors'® requests for information are no longer a concern when you choose Agent Assure. Our flat fee MLS covers this and many aspects of lead retention. Never misdirect a potential buyer or Realtor® inquiry and never wonder if a lead has been misdirected.

For instance, if you are a builder who operates with limited staffing you might elect the Agent Assure plan. With this choice, all calls will be answered and all showings scheduled per your showing instructions. ADDvantage will coordinate the showings and send reminders directly to you and the other party, two hours prior to the scheduled appointment. All leads will then be e-mailed to you in a confirmation e-mail. Whether you're in a meeting, in the field or on vacation, you never have to worry about missing a lead.

Builder's ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS focuses on “speed,” “service” and “accuracy in listing”. Our extended plans and superior customer service simply means… more ease of use, more leads gained and more homes sold.

The general consensus from the builders that we spoke with regarding flat fee MLS companies and the importance of lead retention was this—Home builders had been fostering concerns about preserving leads and could no longer afford to disregard the facts. In spite of this, builders simply didn't know how easy it was to attain feasible solutions by using Builder's ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS—until now.