MLS Changes “Quick & Easy, 24/7”

September 17, 2007

Edits are made easy with Builder's ADDvantage™! Experience in the building industry gave us the insider's perspective on what's required to list and manage new homes and communities with ease. We developed the software that conserves valuable time. Making changes to your multiple listings is a breeze and results in accuracy and consistency in reporting.

Very often, model homes have similar or identical listing features. Rather than require a builder to begin a new listing from scratch, our multiple listing software for builders provides the option to select from an existing, editable property list. Simplify your listing revisions and avoid redundancy in listing by using a flat fee company who knows first hand what a builder wants.

Change the co-broke commission amount or price by selecting one or more homes or highlight “select all” and change the entire MLS inventory in one click. Your listing control panel is designed to allow builders ease in listing, quickly and precisely. Editing various listing data such as description or features, photos or critical data no longer has to be time a cumbersome task for builders.

Manageable software for managing Florida builders' home inventory was our vision. Caring, professional and committed to your listings 24/7, is the reason why more Florida builders place their trust in Builder's ADDvantage™. All inclusive multiple listing software tailored to the building industry… that's what keeps them coming back.