Discount Full-service with no cancellation fee

Florida Discount MLS listing company ADDvantage now offers two full service listing plans with no cancellation fee and no expense reimbursement clause. ADDvantage of Florida is pioneering a new path for Floridians to sell real estate with fewer fees and no strings attached.

Professional ADDvantage™ is ADDvantage's online discount “full service” flat fee MLS plan. This plan is 0.75% at close ($1,500 min). The unique aspect of this flat fee MLS plan is that the service is exceptional. The successful results are best illustrated by reading some of the many Professional ADDvantage™ consumer reviews.

Professional ADDvantage™ is a List Until You Sell plan with no cancellation fees or expense reimbursement clauses. “There are no catches…just a fantastic way to sell your Florida home”, says broker/owner Keith Gordon. “We bring a lot of service, marketing and skill to the table without the seller sacrificing a thing over a traditional full-service 6% listing. We save the seller nearly 50% in commission and the seller has more control over the selling process without doing the work.”

Another advantage of Professional ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS plan is Keith's staff and how he manages the showings, Realtor feedback and offers. Sellers are handled very professionally and Keith works the feedback and offers so sellers know exactly how the listing process is going.

The other ADDvantage full-service plan is called Full Service 5/4/3. This discount MLS listing acts like Professional ADDvantage™ with no cancellation fees or expense reimbursement clauses. Full Service 5/4/3 is different from Professional ADDvantage™ in that it's a true in-person concierge full service plan. The Full Service 5/4/3 stands for who gets what when the home is sold.

With Full Service 5/4/3, we engage the seller to ask their pool man if they know anyone looking to move into their neighborhood and others that can spread the word. Interestingly, sellers often are responsible for selling their own property but still pay 6%. With Full Service 5/4/3, should the seller find the buyer, the sellers pays just 3%, as it should be! If ADDvantage sells the home, we charge just 4% and should an outside agent sell the home its 5% (3% to the buyer's agent and 2% to ADDvantage…which, again, in a perfect real estate world, this is how it should be).