Why flat fee MLS listing with ADDvantage® beats full-service

The Internet has made flat fee MLS listing more powerful than a traditional 6% listing. ADDvantage® is your best choice to sell a home in United States using flat fee MLS because we offer more service and get better results for you. 0 appointments scheduled this past 12 months for our flat fee MLS listings in Florida…0 of those calls came after hours or on weekends. Our Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM “free” live buyer and Realtor showing service gets you more showing and we have the sales statistics to prove it!

Would your full-service agent that charges 6% or 7% to list your home in the MLS answer every phone call “live” from 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days a week, even Saturday and Sunday? Then, send you an email about that call…Not in your wildest dreams!

Would they market your home on Realtor.com Showcase, Homes.com, Bargain Network, AOL, MSN, Zillow, and hundreds more sites? Likely not! But, they will charge you 6%!

Would a full-service 6% agent provide you with 100% control over your listing online so you could change your own price, up or down, see who has view your listing, change your offered buyer's agent commission, edit what your property description says, change your pictures, send us a message, request a new CMA, see your listing in Realtor.com and other sites all by using a easy-to-use seller control panel? Of course not, because that would require time and effort on the listing agents part. We do!

Your success depends on Realtors showing your home and you never know what time of day that call might come in and it's often when they are sitting right in front of your home, especially on Saturday and Sunday. If you use a lock box and your showing instruction say “give code to Realtors” then you just captured a showing that most agents would miss. Only ADDvantage® can see your lock box codes, no one else…Besides you, of course. Anytime someone calls about your home, an email is sent immediately to you with all the details. After each showing, a “feedback” email is sent to each showing Realtor which forwards you a copy, as well.

The Internet has changed real estate forever. It has made selling your home using flat fee MLS listing more powerful than a full-service 6% listing because listing flat fee in the MLS gets you the same results as listing with a full-service company and you pay at least 50% less in commission (sell it yourself and pay no commission) and have more control over your listing.

The Internet has changed the way buyers search for homes, as well. Print ads don't pull buyers anymore because it's antiquated. Back in the day, before the Internet, full-service agents held a monopoly on real estate sales because selling a home for the highest price required a property to be listed in the MLS with a full-service 6% agent. Realtors still hold 86% of all buyers. We can reach all the local Realtors in your United States city with our flat fee MLS listing service. Thanks to innovators like ADDvantage®, you win!

We belong to 58 United States Realtor MLS Associations which means we have direct access to list your home in most United States MLS boards and reach their valuable Realtor member database. All your local Realtors will be able to find your listing and show it to their buyers.

These Realtors, we call buyer's agents, will show your home because you are offering them a commission, just like full-service Realtors do. Full-service agents charge you 6% or even 7% and typically offer 3% of that 6% to the buyer's agents. When you list with ADDvantage®, you decide how much commission to offer buyer's agents…2%, 3%, 4%, or whatever you wish. That entire commission goes to the buyer's agent as we take no share of their commission. We earn just our pre-determined flat fee! We charge no “listing commission”, only the flat fee.

We are web-developers and Internet specialists. We have developed sophisticated Internet marketing systems to promote your flat fee MLS listing through the use of RSS feeds which automatically send your listing around the world so your listing can be found on the most important Internet search sites such as Google, Bing, Realtor.com, Homes.com, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Bargain Network, and more.

Unlike full-service agents that don't have the time or resources to create marketing tools for you, we provide you with your own seller control panel so you control price changes, see who has viewed your listing online, quick-links to your Realtor.com listing, print brochures, upload pictures, upload documents and mark them “public” so everyone can see them such as your survey, floor plan, HOA information and seller's disclosures. With a click, you control every aspect of your flat fee MLS listing. You click, we respond the same day!

The Internet holds over 85% of all buyers. The local MLS Board is where all your local Realtors belong and search for homes for their buyer clients. We are your connection to be in front of all the local Realtors and have your property listed hundreds of websites.

Our basic flat fee MLS listing service is (Program not currently available). Our top flat fee MLS plan “Professional ADDvantage™” is 0.75% at close ($1,500 min). Regardless of which plan you choose, you'll receive unparalleled service. To start a listing with ADDvantage®, choice a listing plan and click “list my property”. In a matter of hours you will be listed in your local MLS.