Realtor® Marketing for Your FSBO When You List Flat Fee MLS Florida

Your home or property listed for sale by owner with ADDvantage™ Real Estate Network's brand of flat fee MLS (MLS ADDvantage®) will be exposed to the nearly 80% of buyers through,, and via MSN, AOL,,,,, Tampa Bay Online, Trulia, Zillow, Google, and Yahoo Classifieds. ADDvantage™ offers complete flat fee MLS plan options and FSBO marketing with personalized customer service for sellers. Flat fee MLS listing software, IT and marketing professionals are at your service 7 days a week– contributing to a higher success for sellers who list flat fee MLS with us! Traffic derived from the MLS and the internet allows Realtor® and buyers searching on-line and on the MLS for real estate listings will locate your FSBO rapidly because of our fast service and comprehensive flat fee MLS plans, marketing and real estate service. We've increased our marketing for sellers who list flat fee MLS with us and offer listings on real estate website portals that drive buyers to your area listings. Sellers who list a home, condo, land or other real estate for sale or rent with ADDvantage™” are serious sellers who realize the importance of full FSBO marketing when selling their property for sale by owner!

Allow ADDvantage™ to Flat Fee MLS Market Your FSBO to your area Realtor® With Street Smart ADDvantage®

Market to your local Realtor® with your commission offers! If you're selling property for sale by owner you're ready to market directly to your local Realtor®Street Smart ADDvantage® is the complete flat fee MLS and marketing plan for sellers. Our email campaign targets local Florida real estate agents within a 35 mile radius of your FSBO property. Your Florida FSBO will be identified as a flat fee MLS ADDvantage® listed property– offering higher than average commissions to buyer agents. With a high readership, Realtor® will stand up and take notice of your FSBO. We'll e-mail Florida Realtor® bi-monthly with your FSBO details with your co-broke commission offers of 4% or higher. You are in control of the sale of your Florida listing when you choose Street Smart ADDvantage® and selling flat fee MLS in Florida is all about getting the very best results for your money. Our email campaign reporting is an excellent way for sellers to track their flat fee MLS success! “E-Blast” campaign results will be reported back to sellers so you can see the success of your FSBO marketing. When you list flat fee MLS and offer higher commission to agents, Florida sellers often net higher profits from their FSBO real estate sale. To see how much more you can net from your Florida real estate sale when you list flat fee MLS, please view this interactive table. SHOWCASE advertisements stand out above the other listings and when you flat fee list in the MLS and opt for Street Smart ADDvantage®, a upgrade is included. When a seller flat fee lists a Florida property and selects Street Smart ADDvantage®, Florida sellers receive more FSBO marketing with direct marketing to Florida Realtor®. Florida FSBOs who choose to target market local Florida Realtor® and buyers truly benefit from this plan. Affordable flat fee MLS plans in Florida that offer enhanced marketing to Florida Realtor® are finally attainable! Don't give up service and enhanced marketing by listing with a “cheap” flat fee MLS listing service. Make your decision to list your Florida property flat fee MLS one that really counts. You may spend a little more initially but, the end results will equal big savings!

Florida Sellers find Success in flat fee MLS

Florida's Multiple Listing Service has many MLS members as well as broker members and agent members. With new technology and the merging of Florida's MFRMLS in 2008, sellers will continue to benefit from flat fee MLS listings. It's imperative that your Florida “For Sale by Owner” listing is one that is listed with a reputable source and recognized by Realtor® as a “trusted source”. Florida buyer's agents pay close attention when they view FSBO listings in the MLS—The FSBOs listing agent is always identified and if a seller is listed with a well known, trusted and reputable source like ADDvantage™, Florida agents won't be reluctant to show that flat fee listing. Getting listed flat fee in the MLS is a must if you wish to market to Florida Realtors®– as well as listing on Remember, the higher the commission offered to a Florida buyer's agent, the more motivated the Realtor® will be to show your property to their buyers. The Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast is truly direct marketing for FSBOs that works. ADDvantage™ works well with Florida Realtors®, providing respect and prompt service that's required for a successful Florida FSBO sale. Florida sellers benefit from our flat fee MLS plans because they are “personalized” and our “live” customer service extends far above that of any other Florida flat fee MLS Company or “Florida flat fee MLS website”. We accommodate our Florida FSBOs 7 days a week and that is what makes ADDvantage™ Florida's flat fee MLS!

Full service real estate and flat fee MLS plans that work are backed by a company that cares about reputation and delivering what they promise. ADDvantage™ backs our Florida sellers 100% all the way to the closing table.

Florida sellers… list Flat Fee MLS and sell successfully when you list today with MLS ADDvantage®. When you want more direct marketing to Realtors® opt to flat fee list with Street Smart ADDvantage®. Any one of our superior Flat Fee MLS plans for Florida sellers will help you sell your Florida home with ease! Once you've listed flat fee MLS, you'll start selling like a pro with our same day service! Sellers can choose real estate add-ons, tools and products on the fly. ADDvantage's flat fee MLS and real estate plan options combined with our professional, personalized service has created a better flat fee MLS for Florida sellers. There is no other Florida flat fee MLS that answers the phone “live” with no hold cues, from Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM. Sign up today and start selling your Florida real estate with ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS.