Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast gets serious attention for your Miami Flat Fee MLS listing

Market your Miami flat fee MLS listing to all the Miami Realtors® with Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast program. Many sellers have thought, “I wish I could just list my property myself in the MLS.” In essence, that's what flat fee MLS listing is. You can list your Miami property yourself, by owner, all online at Your Miami property for sale will be listed in SE Florida Regional MLS where all the Miami Realtors® search. With our Street Smart ADDvantage® flat fee MLS program, not only do you get listed in Miami MLS, but you also gain access to the largest direct marketing campaign aimed at local REALTORS available to FSBO sellers. With the Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast program, an average of over 25,000 Miami Realtors® will receive emails twice per month regarding your property's special commission offer of 4% or higher. Within hours your Miami MLS listing will be proactively marketed to Miami Realtors® all living or working within 35 miles of your Miami property. That's what ADDvantage™ means by aggressively and proactively marketing your Miami flat fee MLS listed home or condo to the Miami Realtors®.

Note: Street Smart ADDvantage® is available to in most Florida cities including Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Pensacola. View details of Street Smart ADDvantage® flat fee MLS program.

Make your MLS commission offer stand out like a NEON SIGN

Street Smart ADDvantage® is the complete flat fee MLS marketing plan for Miami sellers. Our email campaign targets local Miami Realtors® within a 35 mile radius of your FSBO property. The premise of the Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast is that Miami flat fee MLS sellers must offer a higher than average commission to buyers' agents. ADDvantage™ believes that Florida Realtors® perceive a 3% commission as average (even though the average buyer's agent commission in Florida is closer to 2.7%). With this in mind, ADDvantage™ needs to separate Street Smart ADDvantage® flat fee MLS listings from all the other Miami MLS listings and requires Miami flat fee MLS sellers using Street Smart ADDvantage® marketing to offer at least a 4% buyer's agent commission (all goes to the buyer's agent, nothing to ADDvantage™). Because of this, Miami REALTORS™ and others Realtors® throughout Florida, respect and anticipate the arrival of each Street Smart ADDvantage® email. Readership of the Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast is near 13% “read” of approximately 25,000 sent on a bi-monthly basis.

Realtors® will take notice of your Miami flat fee MLS FSBO listing. We'll e-mail Florida Realtors® bi-monthly with your MLS listing details with your buyer's agent commission offer of 4% or higher. You are in control of your Miami, Florida flat fee MLS listing when you choose Street Smart ADDvantage® and selling flat fee MLS in Florida is all about getting the very best results for your money. Our email campaign reporting is an excellent way for Florida flat fee MLS sellers to track their flat fee MLS success! “E-Blast” campaign results will be reported back to sellers so you can see the success of your FSBO marketing. Our sales statistics show that offering a higher buyer's agent commission results in a faster sale. In theory, your Florida property should also net more in terms of a higher sales price when offering a higher buyer's agent commission. To see how much more you can net from the sale of your Florida property when you list flat fee MLS with Street Smart ADDvantage®, please view this interactive table. SHOWCASE advertisements stand out above the other listings and when you list your Miami property flat fee list MLS and choose opt for Street Smart ADDvantage® marketing, a Showcased ad is included. When a seller flat fee MLS lists a Florida property and selects Street Smart ADDvantage®, they receive more FSBO marketing with direct marketing to Florida Realtors®. Florida FSBOs who choose to target market local Florida Realtors® and buyers truly benefit. Affordable flat fee MLS plans in Florida that offer enhanced marketing aimed at Florida Realtors® are finally attainable! Don't give up service and enhanced marketing by listing with an unknown or cheap Florida flat fee MLS listing service. Make your decision to list your Florida property flat fee MLS service one that really truly cares about effective flat fee MLS marketing. You may spend a little more initially but, the end results will equal big savings!

Miami Realtor® control 84% of the sales…Marketing your flat fee MLS listing to Realtors® is our specialty

You now know how our Street Smart ADDvantage® flat fee MLS program helps reach the Miami Realtors®, but what about reaching the buyers searching the Internet for homes? ADDvantage™ has you covered there as well, because your flat fee MLS listed property can be found on prolific real estate websites as,, and via MSN, AOL,,,,, Tampa Bay Online, Trulia, Zillow, Google, and Yahoo Classifieds. With nearly 80% of serious buyers in Florida shopping online for homes, it only makes sense to list your Florida property flat fee MLS with an experienced discount real estate broker…ADDvantage™.

ADDvantage™ is trusted Florida flat fee MLS Service

It's imperative that your Florida “For Sale by Owner” flat fee MLS listing is placed with a reputable source and recognized by Florida Realtor® as a “trusted source”. Miami, Florida buyer's agents pay close attention when they view FSBO listings in the MLS—The listing agent or broker of record, as it is also known, is always identified in the MLS listing. If a seller is listed flat fee in Miami with a well known, trusted and reputable Florida flat fee MLS source like ADDvantage™, Florida agents won't be reluctant to show that flat fee listing. Getting listed flat fee in the MLS is a must if you wish to market to Florida Realtors® as well as getting listed on Remember, the higher the commission offered to a Florida buyer's agent, the more motivated the Realtor® will be to show your property. The Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast is truly the best flat fee MLS program available in Miami or all Florida. ADDvantage™ works well with Florida Realtors® providing respect and prompt service that's required for a successful Florida FSBO sale. Florida sellers benefit from our flat fee MLS plans because they are “personalized” and our “live” customer service extends far above that of any other Florida flat fee MLS Company or “Florida flat fee MLS website”. In fact, our clients attest that our service exceeds that of a FULL SERVICE agent. We accommodate our Florida FSBOs 7 days a week and that is what makes ADDvantage™ Florida's best flat fee MLS service!

There is no other Florida flat fee MLS service that offers live phone with no hold cues, 7 days a week -from 9AM to 6PM or innovative Realtor® flat fee MLS marketing such as Street Smart ADDvantage®. Sign up today and start selling your Florida real estate with ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS.