Florida's Most Trusted Flat Fee MLS Broker

Thinking of listing flat fee MLS in Florida. Want to save 50% in real estate commissions while still getting great service and Internet marketing?

Keith R. Gordon, broker for flat fee MLS listing service ADDvantage®, has been offering Floridians excellent service and honest dealings for 35 years. You can trust my discount MLS brokerage firm ADDvantage® as I have been licensed since 9/25/1984 in Florida and have never had a compliant!

Trust is a big issue when selling a home. Many home owners have limited faith or trust in Realtor®. That is one of the main reasons by owners choose to list in the MLS flat fee and not with a traditional real estate broker or agent.

I find many of our clients even doubt our sincerity until they list and experience our level of commitment and service.

There are three areas that I find by owners have issues with:

  1. Buyer leads are a hot topic with by owners. At ADDvantage®, we have a policy that has been flawless and honest since we established ADDvantage® in 2005. Every buyer lead from all sources is handled in real time from Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM. Between these hours, all calls and emails are answered live and sent to our flat fee MLS seller clients by email and/or call. We have missed possibly 5 calls in 5 years but have retrieved those 5 via a voice mail. Our relentless attention to details such as buyer leads has earned us the reputation in Florida as the most trusted flat fee MLS service. All leads are stored in the sellers account as well in their control panel “buyer leads”.
  2. The next point of trust is Realtor.com and IDX feeds. Most by owners do understand that no seller information is allowed to be published in Realtor.com. ONLY the listing brokers phone number and name may appear. Because all Realtor® websites throughout Florida get their data from Realtor.com via what's called an IDX feed this means all websites that display MLS listings contain the listing brokers contact information, not the sellers. Therefore, the seller must implicitly trust the flat fee broker to not mishandle buyer leads.
  3. Offers are the next hot topic of trust. By owners sellers do not want their offers going through the flat fee broker. It is as if they believe we will jump in and attempt to earn a commission. The further the by owner seller can keep the flat fee broker from their offers that come from Realtors® the better. At ADDvantage®, we are facilitators of deals and would never impede the sale; rather what we do at ADDvantage® when an offer does come in is call the seller and email them their offer. We have never mishandled an offer. The reason most offers come through ADDvantage® and do not go directly to the seller is that Realtors® would rather, for their protection, have the “listing broker” forward their offer. Despite the fact that it is stated directly in the MLS to call seller for all showings with the seller's phone number, it has been Realtor® protocol to only deal with the listing broker. As well, this assist ADDvantage® is making sure the seller listing status is updated from "active” to “contract pending” in a timely manor…An MLS board requirement.

Trust is an elusive thing when someone is listing flat fee MLS as a buy owner or dealing with a “Realtor®”. By owners want to save themselves from paying any commission, if possible, or at worst case pay just 50% of the cost of a traditional listing. At ADDvantage®, we have earned our reputation in Florida as being the hardest working most trusted flat fee MLS broker because we have delivered more service, more offers, more buyers leads directly to our sellers 7 days a week from 9:00am-6:00pm for 5 years in a row.