Florida's Most Reliable Flat Fee MLS Listing Provider

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…Why does Google recognize ADDvantage® as the most reliable flat fee MLS listing service in Florida?

Because reliability has always been the #1 priority for ADDvantage®! A key factor in selling your home is the reliability of the company you list with. ADDvantage® recognizes the importance of our roll as the facilitator in the selling process. From our advanced technology that creates comprehensive Internet exposure for your Flat Fee MLS listing to our state of the art listing software for 24/7 editing capability and 9:00am-6:00pm, 7 day/week phone support, we lead the nation in flat fee MLS listing reliability.

A flat fee MLS client in Orlando that recently listed and sold through ADDvantage® wrote this testimonial:

Great Service! After listing with a conventional agent for 9 months without an offer, we decided to try ADDvantage Real Estate. Within 10 days of listing, we had more lookers and a written offer shortly thereafter. Everything went smooth and easy through the website and the PLUS service was excellent as Keith spoke with the realtors directly. We ended up saving almost $15,000 in fees to the bottom line and I would not hesitate to use ADDvantage again in the future.
-Dr. Wayne Harper, Orlando, Fl

While there are many services that offer discount MLS listings in Florida, there remain only a handful of companies that truly specialize in the promotion of your home with a high level of customer service. We are proud to say at ADDvantage® that we do lead the nation in service, MLS listing software, marketing innovations through Street Smart ADDvantage®, Professional ADDvantage™ (our flat fee-full service option) and creative solutions to getting sold such as offering home warranties and professional contract representation.

We look forward to helping you market and sell your Florida home too.