Florida flat fee MLS-ADDvantage™ offers listings in the Florida MLS plus exceptional phone support

Florida sellers and REALTORS® know what to expect when they call on ADDvantage™ for help with showing instructions or questions about offers, disclosures and other needs…nothing short of giving Florida sellers just what they need in a Florida flat fee MLS listing: service excellence and exceptional phone support. Most Florida flat fee MLS sellers that do list with ADDvantage™ believe that they will get in the Florida MLS as a flat fee MLS seller but really don't fully understand the level of service that ADDvantage™ offers to Florida sellers until they become clients.

Florida Flat fee MLS listing services are a dime a dozen but none of these services offer the high level of service that ADDvantage™ does. ADDvantage™ is not a typical Florida flat fee MLS company or a full service real estate company but rather ADDvantage™ is a hybrid flat fee MLS company that offers flat fee MLS plans that incorporate features that might come with a full-service MLS listing agent at prices that are drastically lower, saving the Florida home seller an average of about 3% in commission.

What can a Florida home seller expect when they list flat fee in the MLS with ADDvantage™? Florida sellers listing a home, condo, townhouse, vacant land, commercial property or Florida builders listing pre-construction and new construction homes who use ADDvantage's™ Florida flat fee MLS receive ADDvantage's™ 9:00am-6:00pm, 7 days a week lead capture system. This priceless feature means that all calls Monday-Sunday that come to ADDvantage™ via any one of the numerous advertised places such as the Florida MLS, Realtor.com, Homes.com and more, at any time during the 9 hours between 9:00am-6:00pm will be answered live by a knowledgeable and friendly Florida MLS coordinator. All calls are transcribed into an email and sent in real time to the Florida flat fee MLS listed seller.

Now why would a flat fee MLS Florida service care about answering the phone live? Everyone in Florida knows that the seller's number is published everywhere so who needs the flat fee MLS service once you get in the MLS? “Nothing could be further from the truth”, says Keith Gordon. Fact: The Florida home seller's number cannot be published in the most prolific real estate website for flat fee MLS Florida sellers and that's Realtor.com. Only the phone number of the listing broker “ADDvantage™” in our case can be published in Realtor.com. In fact, Realtor.com rigorously enforces these rules to protect the REALTORS®. You can't even mention the word FSBO or any reference to “seller” at all. As well, in the Florida MLS's, the broker of record's number must always appear as a matter of rule. The Florida flat fee MLS listed seller's number can appear there under the agent or broker remarks section. At ADDvantage™, even with the more than obvious remarks, “Call seller for showings instructions,” our phone still rings all day and night with REALTORS® on the other end of the phone. That's why having exceptional phone support can mean the difference between getting your home sold or simply being passed by.

A theory about why Florida REALTORS® insist on calling the flat fee MLS Florida listing office for showing instructions when they can just read the Florida MLS listing. They either “A,” missed the text that clearly says the Florida seller is self-represented and it's OK to call the seller directly. (You see, this is a relatively new concept that a REALTOR® can call another agent's seller…Florida flat fee MLS listings have been around since about 1998); Or “B,” the REALTOR® has called the Florida flat fee MLS listed seller but they didn't answer their phone. Let's repeat that again: the seller didn't answer their phone. ADDvantage realizes that most people, even full service REALTORS® can't or won't answer their phone 100% of the time. However, most Florida flat fee MLS sellers would agree that missing even 1% of potential buyer phone calls is unacceptable when the goal is to sell. That's why having ADDvantage™ back you up with our exceptional phone support, live 9AM to 6PM every day of the week, is a valuable service. ADDvantage™ Real Estate Services of Florida services about 300 Florida flat fee MLS listings. In any given day, dozens of REALTOR® calls can come to ADDvantage™, hence the very reason why Florida flat fee MLS sellers are not stranded on a Florida MLS island by themselves but rather, gain the unprecedented 9:00am-6:00pm ADDvantage™ brand of live support to back them up–just in case they aren't available.

What about emails? An email inquiry coming to the listing broker's email is just as important as a phone call inquiry. ADDvantage™ offers the same service guarantee to emails as well. As soon as one arrives, an MLS coordinator responds to that inquirer by sending the Florida flat fee MLS listed seller's property listing link which includes the sellers contact information and property details. Then the Florida flat fee MLS listed seller gets an exact copy of the email that was sent to ADDvantage™.

By now it's probably obvious to anyone that ADDvantage's™ Florida MLS division offers the best service to its Florida flat fee MLS listed clients. If you need proof, call us now—toll free at 1-877-232-9695 and see for yourself that the ADDvantage™ does live up to their reputation for exceptional phone support!