Tampa to Miami It's a Flat Fee Listing “Frenzy”

It's a Flat Fee MLS listing service “frenzy” on the internet these days. Sellers who have decided to list For Sale by Owner from Tampa to Miami, and all around Florida have numerous flat fee MLS companies to choose from, that's for sure.

Sellers who are listing flat fee with us for the first time or those who continue to use our flat fee MLS admit that when they first decided to list flat fee in the MLS, trying to choose a flat fee MLS company on the web was difficult. With so many companies to choose from, it's hard to know which one to list with. Keith Gordon, ADDvantage™ Real Estate Services' broker has spoken in depth to Florida sellers about what they really want and need when they list flat fee. "Sellers have so many flat fee MLS companies to choose from and it is overwhelming to most. What sellers really want is a trusted flat fee MLS Company like ADDvantage™ and one who offers a variety of flat fee MLS options. One Miami seller may want to self-represent, another may need some type of representation. We don't only offer our basic flat fee MLS plan but, also full contract representation options for one flat fee. ADDvantage™ can accommodate the requests of any seller. MLS ADDvantage®, for instance is strictly for the self-represented seller. ADDvantage PLUS™ and ADDvantage WORKS™ offers representation…contract to close. Not all flat fee MLS companies offer this same service."

ADDvantage™ is located in the Tampa Bay area and flat fee lists sales and rentals on the MLS, realtor.com, homes.com, Google, AOL-- as well as many other website and real estate web portals. Sellers (FSBOs) from Florida's southeast region including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, Broward, and Dade and all the way to Jacksonville-Duval and Hillsborough's Tampa MLS are benefiting from our flat fee MLS service options and plans. Even Tallahassee, Orlando, Kissimmee, Naples and Sarasota sellers can sign up and list flat fee on the MLS in about 5 easy steps. It doesn't matter where you come from…it matters only where you're going. ADDvantage™ wants to lead you to a successful sale.

Listing flat fee in the MLS with a reputable company and one that offers many flat fee MLS plans and real estate options can't get any easier than this. Four flat fee MLS plans begins with one basic MLS plan-- MLS ADDvantage®. List your home For Sale by Owner under this plan and within 24-48 hours your Florida property will be seen by Realtors® in the MLS. Not only that, sellers get the added benefit of comprehensive marketing to include Realtor.com, homes.com, getmoreoffers.com, as well as major internet portal and real estate web marketing and international marketing.

Flat fee listed sellers also have access to many other real estate services and accessories. Free property brochure templates, contracts and disclosures and free signs. Sellers can choose the commission that they wish to offer Florida Realtors® anywhere between 1-10 percent. Our user friendly MLS listing software makes uploading your photos (up to 25 digitals of your property) managing leads, edits and status changes a breeze. So, when you list flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™ changing your multiple listing status from “For Sale” to “Under Contract” and then “SOLD”…will be quick and easy.

Real estate service options are what we offer our flat fee listed clients—MLS plans that save Florida sellers money and that are tailored around the individual needs each seller. We realize that a person listing and selling their home or listing a rental in South Beach, Miami isn't the same as the one who lists their home for sale or rental property in Tampa, Florida. ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS has the best real estate service options for everyone…and all for one flat fee.

Superior customer service, reputable and licensed properly to list your home, condo or land accurately for sale or for rent in the MLS is just another good reason to list flat fee with us. We care about your selling “options” and we care about you. List flat fee MLS with Florida's choice …ADDvantage Real Estate Network™.