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Real Estate Negotiating

Real Estate Negotiating - Video Transcription

Real estate negotiating is an exact business. What we do is we don't say a lot. We basically put the pressure on the buyer's agent to get them to move to us. So, when they call our company, and they ask me or one of my team members from Platinum, "listen, we want to make an offer, Is your seller negotiable, Is your seller motivated?" We don't ever give away motivation from the seller because if you give up, if you say anything about the motivation of a seller, the list price is no longer the list price. You just dropped it by ten thousand dollars. Just talking to a buyer's agent saying "yeah, I'm somewhat negotiable." No, there's nothing like that. Matter of fact, in the real estate world, from the licensure point of view, it's an ethics violation giving away a seller's motivation. But, if you're a self represented seller and you're not using Platinum, were we represent you, then if you say something, and they here you say something that indicates weakness, or that you're negotiable, it's bad tactic. As well, if you said anything like, "yeah, I'm looking for something between $245,000 and $250,000." If you said something like that to a buyer's agent, you're at $245,000 or under. Careful what you say. They're listening. Thanks for listening to this video.