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Give us 5 days to get you cash offers* and another 5 days to find the highest offer. If we fail to find you a buyer 10% higher than any iBuyer's offer, cancel your listing, no charge, no strings!

Don't give away your hard earned equity to a predator cash buyer (OpenDoor, OfferPad, Zillow Offers, Redfin, Knock, Realogy CataLIST, Perch, Keller Offers from Keller Williams) that only pays 85% of the real value. They steal your hard earned equity by leveraging it (selling under market value) to flip your house and make a profit.

3 Ways an Agent Can Save You Money
(Most Won't, But We Do!)
Traditional Realtor
Fast Track PRO
1. Be a Better Negotiator
Sold Price of Homes
Sold for 15% under market value on average
2. Charge Less Commission
Commissions Charged

Minimum Listing Commission
3. Price Relevantly
Statistics Based on
Sold vs Market Price
Sold at or above asking price 0% of the time
Sold at or above asking price 25% of the time
Sold at or above asking price 73% of the time
Fast Track PRO Nets You More!
Average Statistics Based On A 2,500 Square Foot Home
Savings of $52,200 over selling with an iBuyer program!
How It Works
  1. Sign our Fast Track PRO 10 day listing agreement
  2. Upload 40 photos (or less) or order a professional photo package for $150
  3. Establish a "sale price" which can be established with our assistance call 1-877-232-9695 for a Fast Track estimate or by adding 10% to any iBuyer cash offer you have received
What you Get
  1. A final sales price at least 10% higher than any iBuyer offer
  2. You set the closing date (minimum of 30 days)
  3. We help set the list price
What It Costs You
  1. Our commission is 1.5%
  2. The buyer's agent commission is 1.5%
  3. The total commission is 3%
How To Set The List Price
  1. 10% higher than an offer from any iBuyer; or
  2. Call us and we will assist you determining the best Fast Track list price 1-877-232-9695
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Fast Track PRO FAQ's

Does Fast Track Pro 10 day method get more money than an iBuyer or traditional agent?

Yes! Our strategies result in above market deals not below market predatory iBuyer home purchases. Compared to an iBuyer we deliver home sellers 10% -12% more in the bank! On a $300,000 home sale that is $30,00O more money in the bank! Even traditional agents can't compete with our 10 day Fast Tract Pro approach to selling. Traditional agents charge 5-6% commission and often fail to work exclusively for the seller (see single-agency) and fall way short of our success rate. 73% of our sales happen above or at list price.

How fast can I close?

If the seller chooses a cash offer the closing could take place as soon as 20 days from contract. In takes 10 days to get under contract so in total it would be 30 days. The seller always determines the close date not the buyer. All transactions require title insurance and title work takes a minimum of 15 days. Should the seller decide to take an offer from a buyer requiring lender financing that closing will take 35 days or more. See FAQ: What are the risks if I accept an offer that is not cash but contingent on the buyer getting a loan such as FHA?

What is your success rate?

73% of our Fast Track Pro home sellers sell at list price or higher and others sell slightly lower. A small percentage do not sell and cancel this listing after 10 days.

What are the commissions to sell a home using Fast Track Pro?

Our fee is 1.5% and we offer the buyer's agent 1.5%. Total commission cost is 3%. No other commissions. Sure some agent's feelings (and wallets) will be slightly hurt getting 1.5% as they prefer 2 or 2.5%. But, we aren't after pleasing buyer's agent. Never have done that too well! Our sole mission is to maximize the home sales price and net the seller the most we can. Buyers though do love Fast Track Pro Listings because they are priced to sell today and have no wiggle room. Buyers seldom see homes priced like we do. 1.5% doesn't slow down our results one bit. If a seller wants to offer a buyer's agent 2% they can of course though it is not necessary. Higher commissions do not sell homes. What sells homes fast and for full-value are accurately priced homes, a team of expert home negotiators and of course buyers competing against one another. Buyers are on the Internet (Zillow, Truila, Realtor and agents websites) just waiting to make offers. Buyers, not buyer's agents, control which homes are shown and sold.

Who takes the pictures?

Most home owners take their own pictures and upload them directly on our website for free. While others may want professional photos or don't feel they have the technical skills to shoot their own. In such a case we will order professional photos for $150. It takes 2 days to get them back to us. They are HD and we get as many as 40 pictures. To order please do so once you have completed the 4 sign up steps to list a home.

What is the difference between an iBuyer , a home flipper or a Fast Track Pro 10 day system?

While iBuyers do buy some homes directly from sellers it comes with a heavy service charge as much as 16%. First, they offer you 88-90% of value for your home. Next, they charge an additional 7.5% commission and fees. And finally, they will nickel and dime you during the inspection process which costs even more money. Sure they might give you some money to move your stuff out (within 5 miles of the property) but that is chump change compared to what they just billed you. In the end they will charge you anywhere from 12-16% for their services. We charge just 3% which puts an extra 10-12% directly into your bank account. We protect your best interests during the inspection period which is the opposite of what iBuyers do. Home flippers want to buy your home too but will only offer you possibly 75% of market value. IBuyers are just brokerage firms that are "buying" listings.

What does "iBuyers" stand for?

IBuyer stands for "instant buyers." What does that term really mean? It means they are making money off your hard earned equity because they have endless cash and are willing to share some with you but not what your home is truly worth. A better term might be "instant gratification." We all know what that really means!

How many offers can I expect with Fast Track Pro and how fast will they come?

A seller can expect anywhere from 3-8 offers in 8 days' time if the list price is at our recommended Fast Track List Price.

How do you establish a multiple offer Fast Track Pro list price?

We see the list price differently than most brokerages do. The list price should be as close as possible to market value with absolutely no wiggle room. Our Fast Track Pricing experts guide you to suggested list price that should attract maximum offers. The list price can be lower than "value" as our negotiating team will be employing a "highest and best" negotiating strategy which ensures no money will be left on the table regardless of how much the list price is lower than real or full value. We have a proprietary pricing formula based on 3 factors: 1) CMA (comparative market analysis); 2) Seller interview with our pricing expert exploring what the seller's lowest sell number is and other factors about the home such as recent updates, roof age and recent sales known by the seller; 3) We use this data in combination with our opinion of value to find what we call a Fast Track List Price.

Why is the Fast Track Methods better than other fast sale methods?

Yes. We sell fast (10 days) to the highest bidder always. That said, we call a list price a "placeholder" which sole purpose is to attract multiple offers from buyers and investors creating a bidding war. This creates a perfect negotiating environment for our expert negotiators to work their magic by allowing them to leverage buyer's eagerness to purchase a home. This method of negotiating is called proving the value of a property. Our method has two purposes. First, force buyers make offers fast. Second, to find the full value of a home. This approach in combination with high home demand should result in an above market sale in just 10 days' time. No below market sales ever! The goal is to be under contract (sell) in 10 days without leaving a dime on the table. Anyone can sell fast and take an offer which is how most agents operate as well as every iBuyer. That is not what we do.

What if the list price is wrong and no cash offers come?

Albeit there is no 100% in what we do. As mentioned above, 73% of our Fast Track Pro home sellers sell at list price or higher and others sell slightly lower. In a rare instance we may need a backup plan. First, your listing expires in just 10 days which means there is no obligation or cost to cancel should we disappoint you. As a backup plan, a seller can adjust the list price and continue on with a new 10 listing agreement. A seller should not necessarily change their list price during the initial 10 day listing period should no offers come.

How long is your listing agreement? Can I cancel?

As mentioned above, our listing agreement is the shortest on planet earth. It is a 30 day contract and yes, you can cancel on day 11 with no questions asked and no strings - unless we have an offer pending. Our listing agreement says, "If there is an offer the Fast Track Pro Listing Agreement automatically extends an additional 10 days from last offer not to exceed 30 days - and, can be canceled 10 days from last offer after the initial 10 day listing period. Additionally, seller has option, at seller's sole discretion, to extend the Fast Track Pro listing for an additional 30 day at no charge." To cancel a listing call our office 877-232-9695 or email

When will I get my first offer and when will my listing go live in the MLS?

Expect your first offer on day 2 or 3 after being listed in the MLS. Your listing will go live in the MLS on the same day you finish our Fast Track Pro data form. Listings received after 3 pm Monday - Friday may not go live until the next business day. To start your Fast Track Pro listing check here.

Does a seller have to sell if a full-price offer is made?

No. Our Fast Track Pro Listing Agreement makes no reference to a seller being obligated to take any offer, least a full-price one. Nor would a seller owe ADDvantage Real Estate LLC. a commission unless the seller accepts an offer and subsequently closes that transaction.

What if a buyer defaults on a contract? What then?

Should a buyer default and be found in breach (after all contingencies have expired) of contract ADDvantage Real Estate Services, LLC. retains 50% of the defaulted buyer escrow deposit (not to exceed our 1.5% commission) and 50% to the seller as liquidated damages. In such a case we repeat the selling process per listing agreement.

Is selling my home with Fast Track Pro the same as selling through a Realtor?

No. Realtors charge between 5%-6% to sell and we charge 3% total. That is approximately a 50% savings. Secondly, we are experts in selling a home in 10 days' time while the average time to sell a home with an agent is 72 days nationally. 73% of our listing sell at list or higher. Traditional agents often accept offers in 1 or 2 days leaving as much as 5% on the table by not allowing more buyers to complete. This may be due to a lack of training or possibly a lack of true representation of the seller's best interest. Often traditional agents overestimate the value of a home to compensate for their high commissions or just overstate the value to get the listing. This hurts the seller and slows down the sale often requiring one or two price reductions. We don't use that approach. What we do is what all home sellers should do to maximize their sale which is to create a frenzy of buyers chasing a property. We want and do create a bidding wars that ends up getting a seller anywhere from 2-5% more than traditional agent could do. The commissions paid has nothing to do the how much success a seller has. Our results exceed iBuyers, flippers and traditional agents.

What are the other seller closing costs?

In general, a seller pays for title insurance, documentary stamps on deed (paid to the state .70/$100) and a title closing fee of $400 (if using our affiliated title company New Frontier Title). On a $300,000 sale the documentary stamps are $1,500 ($300,000 x .70). If your home is in Collier, Miami-Dade-Broward or Sarasota counties buyer pays title insurance and the seller pays only a closing fee of about $600. In all other Florida counties seller pays for title insurance. The calculation for title premium is $5.75 for the first $100,000 of value and then $5.00 for each additional $100,000 up to $1,000,000. So title insurance costs $1,575 on a $300,000 transaction. Assuming seller pays title the closing costs (excluding commissions mentioned above) would be $3,475 ($400 + $1500 + $1575).

Does a seller pay any other fees?

No. Buyer pays for surveys, home inspections, their closing fee paid to a title company or lawyer (typically $500), their mortgage related fees (if not cash) and the cost of an appraisal (if not cash).

Who holds escrow? Where and how does the closing take place?

ADDvantage Real Estate, LLC is affiliated with New Frontier Title, LLC. (NFT). NFT is a Florida licensed title company. That said, NFT will hold escrow and close the transaction in the city where the home is located or anywhere where the seller resides or where the buyer resides. A seller is not obligated to use NFT as that would be a RESPA violation. We encourage our sellers to use NFT as it keeps the selling process seamless and reduces title fees. NFT closing fee is $400 (a seller charge) and title rates in Florida are set the state (promulgated).

Who shows the property?

If the property is vacant we suggest placing a lockbox on the property. In that case the agent representing the buyer uses the lock box code to gain access. We can provide a lock box at a cost of $25. Our team manages and schedules all showings. If owner occupied the seller must provide access. Because of the aggressive nature of the Fast Track Pro pricing a seller should expect a flurry of showings over 8 days. Once the Fast Track Pro negotiating team is confident they have found the best buyer and the seller agrees then at that point we will suggest the seller close down future showings. The final decision on which offer it take is always the seller's sole decision.

Does the Fast Track Pro Method invite lowball offers?

Actually the opposite happens. When a list price equals market value buyers clearly understand what to do. They waste no time making lowball offers. Some buyers offer the ask price and some offers come in thousands over ask. These buyers are super-eager to buy a home. They waste no time with lowballs. What we do is collect these offers over a 6 day vetting period and then proceed to push these offers up (highest and best) in price over the next 3 days. By day 10 we have found the highest buyer. Investor offers typically lag those of end-user buyers. Our job as your negotiator is to allow all these buyers enough time to compete against one another. The primary mission of our Fast Track Pro negotiating team is to identify which buyer represents the lowest risk to the seller and the highest sales price.

Does the Fast Track Broker represent the buyer, seller or the transaction?

We represent just the seller with what is known as "Single-Agency" representation. This means the Fast Track Pro Broker solely represent the seller's best interests (not the buyer) and actually have a legal duty (fiduciary) to work only in the seller's best interests. Less than 1% of all Florida brokers and agents do this type of representation as most will only use a lesser form of representation known as Transaction-Broker.

Does your method of selling in 10 days work in both a buyer's market and seller's market?

Yes. This is so because what we do is force buyers to act (make offers) today not tomorrow. In all market conditions that is paramount. Buyers seldom see homes listed in the MLS at a price where they can make a full-price offer. Whether in a up market or down that remains constant. In a down market home most sellers are far behind the pricing curve often finding themselves grossly over-priced. Most listings in the MLS are priced 5-10% over value in either an up or down market which results in buyers either ignoring the home completely or are forced to negotiate with the seller attempting to meet them halfway. That is not what we do.

How much expertise does my Fast Track Pro negotiator have?

Our Fast Track Pro negotiators have trained upwards of 3 years to become a Certified Fast Track Pro Negotiator. The founding broker is Keith Robert Gordon who has 35 years' experience and is licensed in Florida, Colorado and North Carolina. Renee Golda Widman, head negotiator for the company, is a 12 year broker and has 5 years working with Keith's systems. The methods and techniques we use are not a secret. Anyone with a strong real estate background, unwavering ethics and advanced negotiating skills can do what we do. If you are interested in reading about founding broker Keith Robert Gordon successes and negotiating techniques consider reading his book titled: "Breaking Industry Norms Makes Homes Selling More Profitable."

What type of contract do you accept?

The only contract we accept is an "As-is" Florida FAR/BAR contract.

How long is the inspection period and what could the buyer ask for?

We only accept a 10 day inspection period or less. When we have multiple offers on a property our Fast Track Pro negotiator attempts to manage the buyer's expectation using an "as-is-where-is" approach or strategy. This means our negotiators explain to the buyer's agent and buyer we are taking their deal but please do not ask for any repairs (we call sellers concessions) during inspections. This does not mean the buyer can't or won't ask for repairs. It is our job to manage every aspect of the transaction from beginning to closing. We even state this in the Seller's Disclosure form. We can and do lose buyers (cash or mortgage) due to inspection and buyer qualification issues. While we mitigate that risk as much as possible we can't eliminate it. If that happens we then re-list the property or reach out to the other buyers that made an offer with this new found inspection knowledge using the same approach. We are experts in handling inspection and buyer related issues.

Is a seller's disclosure required?

Yes. As mentioned above we use the seller's disclosure form to protect the seller, us as listing agents and the buyer too. The form is 3 pages and the seller needs to fill out completely disclosing everything about the home that is known that may affect the value.

The proper way to fill out a seller's disclosure is to be accurate, complete and honestly answering all questions asked on the form. Licenses are not to assist sellers beyond answering basic questions about what is being asked unless the seller is unable to write the answers. In those rare cases a witness or a lawyer should be present with the seller. If an agent were to over-assist a seller they too could become liable for possible fraud or concealment of a known defect. Sellers need to answer questions fully and add additional notes when needed. The key here is known defeats that affect the value of the home. One question that often arises is what about roof leaks that have been fully repaired, a pool pump or a/c that has been fixed or even a small bathroom flood from a broken pipe. All these should be disclosed except the pool pump and a/c repair because these are deemed normal maintenance repairs and do not affect the value of a home. Water intrusion or mold is a question on the seller's disclosure which needs to be disclosed even if it has remediated fully and successfully. Even garages that occasionally flood or once flooded should be disclosed and when it happened. This will not scare away a buyer but rather they will trust the seller more and will lessen a seller's likelihood of being sued after closing. As mentioned earlier the home inspector has a moisture reader and will find any moisture hidden inside walls, floors or ceilings.

What if my roof is older than 15 years?

Our Fast Track Pro negotiators take the same approach as the last question which is to represent the property "as-is-where-is" which means take it in its current condition. While the Florida "As-Is" contract is not an "as-is-where-is" contract we do everything possible to thwart off any aggressive repair requests unlike the iBuyer who will take full-advantage of the seller because they are the buyer. Remember, iBuyers by nature are predatory to the seller. Their typical default repair limit is 1.5% of the sales price. We do not allow that. Should we encounter what is known as a "dead roof" (older than 15 year sold as a shingle/asphalt) where the buyer can't get insurance we will suggest taking a cash offer or possibly consider offering the buyer 1/3% the cost of a new roof as a seller concession and hopefully the buyer will take that offer and close with temporary home owners insurance.

What are the risks if I accept an offer that is not cash but contingent on the buyer getting a loan?

Our approach typically generates 2 cash offers for every 5 financing contingent ones. Typically, but not always, the cash buyers tend to offer a bit less, especially if investors. For example, on a $300,000 sale a cash buyer might offer $290,000 while the financing offers could be at $300,000 or possibly higher. Should a seller decide to take the highest offer which happens to be contingent on the buyer obtaining financing our team then takes 3 additional measures to lessen the seller risk. First, the Fast Track Pro team thoroughly vets the buyer's pre-approval letter by calling the lender directly asking poignant questions about the buyer's financial worthiness to ensure their buyer is well-qualified in hopes of weeding out weak buyers. Second, we require loan approval (underwriting approval) from the buyer's lender 20 days from contract not 30 days as most agents do. Once we receive loan approval from underwriting the buyer's escrow becomes technically non-refundable as all contingencies have been meet (inspections and financing). Lastly, we require a 3.5% buyer escrow deposit which on a $300,000 deal is $10,500. That money becomes non-refundable after day 21. Should we lose a buyer after that 21st day of the contingency period the buyer would likely be in breach of the contract. Therefore, these escrowed funds should be release to seller as liquidated damages. In that case the seller and ADDvantage Real Estate Services, LLC. (Broker) equally split these funds not to exceed our commission of 1.5%. But, in the worst case, should a buyer fail to provide our team with a loan approval within the 20 day loan approval contingency period we then could lose the buyer. In this case the buyer would not be in breach of contract meaning their escrow deposits will likely be returned to them. In such instances our team re-markets the property to one of the other buyers that made offers as well as attracting new buyers that may make offers after relisting in the MLS. Often there are more than one "backup" offers waiting to take the place of any failed transaction. The likelihood of losing a financing buyer do to the buyer being unqualified is less than 15%. Note: Should a buyer fail to close once under contract seller agrees extend listing agreemnet another 10 days from the date we re-list the property in the MLS or from the date the failed buyer signs a cancelation and release of contract.

What if the appraisal comes in short or less than the contract price?

If the seller accepts a cash offer we do not allow an appraisal contingency to the offer. This means that once the 10 day inspection period ends the cash buyer's escrow (3.5%) becomes non-refundable. As well, 99.99% of all cash deals close once through the inspection period. But, should the seller select an offer that is contingent on financing then we take three additional steps to ensure a smooth closing. First, we may "hedge off" $10,000 or so of appraisal shortfall risk onto the buyer using what we call a "reverse appraisal addendum." This means if the home sells for $300,000 we could then add an addendum to the contract that states the buyer will close the transaction as long as the appraisal comes in at $290,000 or above. We adjust our addendum depending on the comparable sales. Not all buyers have an extra $10,000 or so to handle this type of situation so we carefully vet our buyers for the strongest ones or the least risk our sellers.

How do a list my home with Fast Track Pro?

Call 877-232-9695 as we are open 7 days and will assist you or fill out the contact form and we will perform a CMA on your home and contact you with the next steps.