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The proverbial question:

"Why does GetMoreOffers.com charge more money than some other flat fee listing companies? Isn't an MLS listing the same no matter what company does it?"

The honest answer:

Most flat fee listing companies who list for next to nothing have some kind of angle to make money...otherwise, they'd go out of business!

Sometimes this involves them taking incoming buyer leads from YOUR listing and selling the leads to buyer's agents to score a referral commission. At GetMoreOffers, your leads always go directly to you in a timely manner. This way you have the chance to sell without paying a buyer's agent commission!

Or it could be as simple as these other companies just don't support your listing because they can't afford the resources to do so...they gather the up front money and then you are at their mercy and must wait for them to respond to you on their terms. Not ideal!

  • Why sellers trust GetMoreOffers.com and keep coming back:
  • We have sold over a $BILLION in real estate in Florida alone. See our current Pending and Closed sales.
  • We are the originators of the concept of online flat fee MLS listing. First offered in FL in 2005 by co-founding veteran broker, Keith Robert Gordon, GetMoreOffers.com paved the way to allow sellers a way to list for a flat fee in the MLS without having to pay 6% to an agent.
  • No hidden fees or charges - cancel anytime, no strings attached.
  • Our service is second to none! GMO offers LIVE support, 7 DAYS A WEEK!
  • We are a fully staffed company who is RESPONSIVE to your questions and requests.
  • We are 100% electronic - No forms to print and send in. Just type, click and submit!
  • We support you with local veteran brokers if you are ever find yourself in need of advice.
  • We utilize advanced proprietary software that allows you control over your listing 24/7. Our administrators can see all changes, problems reported and other activity in real time on their live dashboard.
  • WE CARE about you and your sale. Our reputation is based on over a decade of helping sellers sell their homes successfully and without banging their head against the wall in the process. 40% of our business comes from repeat customers!
  • We authored the Flat Fee Seller's Bill of Rights to set ethical standards in the MLS listing industry to protect unrepresented sellers from unscrupulous listing practices.