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PRO house cert program
Savvy car buyers don't purchase cars without first checking the Carfax report or buying "Certified-Preowned."
Uncover issues and save time and money
When looking to make any major purchase, no one has time to waste. Uncovering issues with a possible purchase later in the process costs time and money.
Why should house buying be any different?

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Appeal to home buyers by letting them know your home has a clean bill of health while showing it off in the best light possible with professional photography.

How It Works:
You provide an inspection
4 Point
Home Inspection
We will give you a FREE photography package!
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It's a No-Brainer!

GetMoreOffers wants our sellers to achieve success! That's why we match your investment into your property listing by giving you a free professional photography package just for getting a 4-Point inspection prior to listing your property.

95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home graphic

Benefits of A Home Inspection
Before You List

  • You'll know about inspection issues and can address them ahead of time, avoiding losing a contract and/or racking up days on market.

  • Buyers will also have reassurance that there will be no unwanted surprises or lost time.

  • Your listing will be more appealing to Buyers' Agents and thus more competitive with other homes.

  • This gives the broker an additional pricing tool to conduct the most accurate pricing recommendation.

  • Removes the ability for the buyer to negotiate a lower price due to inspection issues
95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home graphic
Our Commitment To Your Success
  • FREE professional photo/virtual tour package ($200 value)

  • We market your home as "HouseCert Inspected & Verified" on our website so buyers know they can view your 4-Point Inspection. If the inspection turns up any issues, the Broker will discuss options with you for how to address them.
95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home graphic
Your Commitment To Your Success
  • Provide a Certified 4-Pt Inspection and agree to display it on MLS and on

  • Allow broker to do a thorough price analysis and discuss with the broker a logical listing price that will take into account the inspection results, CMA and your input.

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