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Learn To Sell Like A Pro

You want to go it alone and we get that. Now let's make sure you're prepared for what's ahead!

We'll Teach You:
Learn To Negotiate
For More
Pricing Techniques
To Attract Buyers
Protect Against
Appraisal Shortfalls
Techniques for
Managing Inspections
Understanding & Managing

Selling a home "solo" comes with risks...but if you know what to anticipate, you'll be equipped to rise to the challenge.

Just a few examples of ways sellers lose money, time on the market and experience unnecessary stress:

  • Appraisal shortfalls and how you'll lose money in negotiations if you don't prepare ahead of time.
  • Importance of buyer vetting...Letters alone are not enough.
  • Anticipating potential risks such as one-sided contracts or sneaky contract terms.

Leverage our decades of experience to help guide your success and save yourself stress and lost money!

Two Options For Your Success

Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro
Video Series Add On for SOLO Program


  • 30 educational videos to help you not leave any money on the table

*If you later sign up for SoloMAX or PRO after purchase, we will credit back the full amount of this package.

Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro
Video Series Included in SoloMAX and PRO


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Keith Gordon's Video Coaching Series for Self-Represented Sellers

For more than 35 years, real estate broker Keith R. Gordon has successfully negotiated thousands of real estate transactions to earn sellers more on the sale of their homes. Now Keith teaches you his field-tested strategies.

Keith Robert Gordon

"Since 2005, my focus has been on representing and advocating for residential home sellers with the mission of saving them commissions and earning them more on the sale of their homes."

Keith Robert Gordon
Founding Broker

In his comprehensive 30-video training package Keith covers all aspects of a listing from start to finish including establishing a relevant list price, setting tempo and many other core negotiation principles. Learn key techniques to drive more offers to your listing, maintain control over negotiations, and leave no money on the table.

The course is divided into 5 sections representing the different phases of the real estate transaction:

  • Pre-Listing
  • Listed
  • Negotiations
  • Under Contract
  • Closing

Each section will give you valuable information to help you navigate the selling process, determining price reductions, prove the highest value of a home, and seeing the transaction through to the closing.

Pre-Listing Sections:

  • How much do homes appreciate
  •  Principles of pricing
  •  Seller misconceptions on pricing a home
  • Why you should not rely on an agent's opinion, appraisal or CMA
  •  Establishing an effective list price
  • Seller fuzzy math
  • Consider a 4 point inspection before listing
  • Inspection and seller's disclosure
  • Should I remodel before I list my home
  • The do's and don'ts of an MLS ad
  • Buyer's agent compensation

Listed Sections:

  • How to speak to a buyer's agent
  •  How to manage your listing once you are in the MLS
  • Understanding what buyer's agents are saying
  • What do you do when you have no showings
  • Feedback

Negotiating Sections:

  •  The do's and don'ts of negotiating
  • Understanding buyers' offers
  • Appraisal Shortfall
  •  Selling a home in 10 days
  • Lowball, iBuyer and contingency offers
  •  The finer points of negotiating
  • Power shift
  • 6 techniques to negotiate for full value
  • Why deals fall apart

Under Contract Sections:

  • The As Is Florida contract
  • How to manage a contract
  • The nuance of an as is contract
  • How to manage a cash offer

Closing Section:

  • The closing process