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Our combination of proprietary real-time software and real people ensure that you receive your leads instantly!

Direct Leads from Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents
Agents search on
Agents get a code from the MLS
They request a showing on our real time calendar
You receive a phone call and email direct from the showing system
Approve the showing on your phone or computer
The agents receive your showing instructions

Instant Leads

Our Instant Leads feature is included in the SOLO, WORKS and StreetSmart PRO programs.

We receive calls 7 days a week from home buyers and buyers' agents about our flat fee listed homes (more on why below). Our dedicated staff is available to make sure calls are always answered and prospects are given your contact info (unless represented in the Platinum plan and in that case, we handle all questions and showing requests on your behalf).

How are leads handled with the Rental MLS plan?

Real Estate Agents and home buyers who call or email will be given your contact info and directed to call you but the lead and their contact info will not be documented in your account.

How it works

Within your listing control panel you can see our documentation of home buyer leads and showing requests. Our 7-day-a-week live customer support is available to field phone calls from real estate agents and prospective home buyers. When we receive a call, we instantly add the info to your account and our system notifies you.

Ways We Receive Leads On Your Home:

  • Realtors often call us for showing instructions because:
    • They fail to read the Special Agent Remarks in the MLS that instruct them to call the seller directly,
    • They assume it's a full service listing like most others in the MLS and automatically call the Broker of record,
    • They don't reach the seller on the first attempt,
    • They don't trust that the seller is in charge and call Broker to confirm.
  • Home buyers may make contact via phone from third party websites that do not allow seller contact info to be listed.
  • Home buyers may submit email inquiries through third party sites (inquiries go to the agent of record by default).

How We Handle These Leads:

General phone calls

  • Calls from home buyers and Realtors are documented in seller's account in "Leads & Showing Requests" section (name, phone # & email are requested). Note that not all callers will reveal email addresses but we do our best to retrieve it.
  • We direct the party to call the seller directly and provide the contact phone number(s).

Showing request phone calls

  • Home buyers who call to request showings are entered into our GetMoreOffers showing request portal. GetMoreOffers will notify the seller of request via phone & email of the desired date/time and all info available about who is making the request. The home buyer will also be given the seller's contact name and number.
  • Realtors who call to request a showing appointment will be entered into our GetMoreOffers showing request portal. If the property is vacant on lockbox, the system will autoconfirm the showing and provide the lockbox code. Otherwise, the automated system will handle the request by calling and emailing the seller with prompts to either accept or reject the showing request time & date. That response will then be communicated back to the agent.
  • In both scenarios, all pertinent info will be stored in the "Leads & Showing Requests" section of seller's account for reference.

Email requests

  • from home buyers made through third party sites will be transcribed by our adminstrators manually into the "Leads & Showing Requests" section of seller account. GetMoreOffers then notifies the seller of this lead via email.

How Other Companies May Handle Your Home Buyer Leads*:

  • They fail to pass them along to you at all or wait several days because they do not the have the resources to handle in a timely manner.
  • They fail to pass them along to you because they sell your leads to referral companies or keep for their own real estate agents.

*According to what sellers have told us over the years who have come to GetMoreOffers for our reliable flat fee MLS service after being disappointed by other companies.