All By Owners Should be listed in the MLS with a Flat Fee MLS Broker

If you are a By Owner and are not listed in the MLS through the services of a flat fee MLS broker then you may be missing 86% of all buyers. The National Association of Realtors data indicates 86% of all buyers work exclusively with Realtors. Our by owner MLS sales statistics indicate that 80% of the buyers work with Realtors. If you are not listed in the MLS, that means you are limiting your exposure to less than 20% the available buyers in United States. That's assuming they see your FSBO yard sign.

Being that most by owners will cooperate with buyer's agents and pay a 3% commission, it only makes sense to advertise to a larger buyer base and get listed in the MLS by owner. If this is your case, then you should consider listing your United States home with a By Owner MLS broker.

By doing so, you keep your By Owner status and by nature of a by owner MLS listing you are just offering a commission to buyer's agents. Most By Owner MLS sellers offer a 3% commission to these buyer's agents. We offer a (Program not currently available) "By Owner" listing plan.

This type of MLS Discount listing is called Limited Service. Limited service means the by owner is "self-represented." That means all offers are negotiated by the seller, just like a "by owner." By owners pay our company (Program not currently available) upfront for a 9 months MLS flat fee listing which can be cancelled at any time with no penalty.

There are no hidden fees with our By Owner MLS listing service. Pay us (Program not currently available) and that's it. Of course, if you sell your home through a Realtor, then you would pay the "co-brokerage" (buyer's agent) commission as stated on our website and Limited Service Listing Agreement. You decide on how much to offer: 1%, 2%, 3%, or even 4% commission. That's entirely up to you!

If you sell "by owner" and no Realtor was involved in the transaction, then you pay zero real estate commissions. At ADDvantage®, 20% of our flat fee listed sellers sell their homes with no Realtor involved therefore paying no commission. That means 80% of flat fee MLS listed homes sold through ADDvantage® are sold by Realtors.

We are known as United States's best by owner MLS listing service for several important reasons:

ADDvantage® holds the best reputation among all United States discount MLS brokers because we offer the most aggressive by owner Internet marketing and back our clients up with exceptional live phone support. We are not your typical discount MLS broker or full-service Realtor that answers and returns calls when they want. At ADDvantage®, we believe that selling real estate as a transactional type of service we know our roll...We are the facilitator! Part of that responsibility is to never miss an opportunity to schedule a showing for one of our by owner MLS listings. And we never do, guaranteed! Since 2005, we have answered ever call live. That seems hard to believe especially for a real estate company but that is what we offer.

Once we have your home listed on the MLS, you will have your own MLS Listing Control Panel where you manage your MLS listing. You can change price, commission, upgrade your listing to a full-service discount MLS listing and view how many website inquiries you have had about your listing.

Listing your home by owner with ADDvantage® is a smart decision. We pay attention to even the minute details. United States by owners trust the name ADDvantage®.