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The Benefits of Listing with Our PRO Team

Selling real estate in Florida can be done in many ways...

  • The traditional model is a 6% full-service listing where an agent lists for 6 months and they earn a commission regardless of who sells the home.
  • There is also the "for sale by owner" method but this approach leaves out the powerful and effective Realtor® sales force. A "by owner" type of listing is more effective in a seller's market where demand exceeds supply.
  • The "flat fee MLS listing", the most progressive real estate listing model, is considerably less expensive and is effective at reaching buyer's agents (Realtors®) via the same Multiple Listing Service that full service listings benefit from. However, this form of listing is not suitable for some sellers that need or prefer a professional broker representing them. with a basic flat fee MLS listing, sellers represent themselves in all contract negotiations which can be tricky. Please read my article about why having a professional broker/negotiator can improve your net and reduce risk.

If you add up all the benefits of each one of these above methods of selling a home, you get the PRO listing model.

Here is what our PRO program can do for you:

  • We will list your property in the MLS exactly the same way as any full-service Realtors® would do using an Exclusive Right of Sale Listing.
  • The main difference with our program is that you only offer (pay) one commission and you determine that percentage rate. Typically, sellers offer 3% and that commission goes entirely to the buyer's agent.
  • We represent you in all offers, inspection reports and addenda, all needed disclosures, verifying pre-approval letters, communications between title and other parties to the contract and handle all tasks needed to close the transaction timely just like a full-service listing agent would do…Right through closing.
  • But instead of 6%, we do it all for $499 up front and $2,500 at close.

Just because we deeply discount our fees that doesn't mean you get less service or marketing. We actually offer more service and marketing than a full-service Realtor® because each listing is cared for by the entire staff. Our web development department is working to ensure we have the most widespread Internet coverage available. Our MLS administrators are working to keep your listing information accurate and up-to-date and are responding to email inquiries and phone calls about your listing. And Keith Robert Gordon, broker for Florida and Renee Golda-Widman, broker for New York, is working around the clock to provide you, buyers and Realtors® with information and advice--all for the purpose of securing a contract on your property.

Most full-service 6% listings are controlled and managed by one Realtor® with limited Internet skills and once listed you are locked in for 6 months and often left in the dark about details that may help you adjust your strategy accordingly.

In contrast, our PRO listing agreement allows you to cancel at any time with a 60 day notice with no fee or penalty. We work 7 days a week. Our Internet marketing blankets the Internet including,, Zillow, Trulia,, and 100's more. We are a team comprised of licensed agents and brokers, Internet marketing experts, search engine optimization specialists and professional MLS coordinators.

There is one more thing that a home seller should demand from a real estate company and that is communication. Communication is what we do best. Our company was designed around the most articulate home sellers in Florida. Our typical client is detailed oriented and desires control over their listing. Sellers control every aspect of their MLS listing in a matter of seconds through their easy-to-use Control Panel. Sellers can change price, drop or raise the buyer's agent commission, add pictures, order a virtual tour, print property brochures, report an issue, view the listing as it appears on the MLS, access the listing on and, view who has called about the property, who has shown your listing, view Realtor® feedback, view who has "viewed" your property online, upload documents into our account such as survey, seller's disclosure, HOA budget, elevation certificate and more!

So why all the attention to detail? Because details help us communicate faster and better with Realtors®, buyers and sellers. Because of our approach to selling real estate, we are always ready and prepared to negotiate offers. With just a few clicks, all parties to a transaction have a copy of the offer and we are on our way to negotiating your deal. Our website reaches out to sellers, buyers and Realtors®.

Each Realtor® that shows one of our listed homes receives an email confirming their show-time and a reminder that if they are late or early (if owner occupied) to call and notify us. Once a Realtor® shows, our system sends an email requesting feedback. That email also contains a link to view all "public" documents for the property.

At, we make selling a home less expensive because we use technology and innovation to enable information to flow more efficiently 7 days a week.