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Offering A Home Warranty Can Prove Beneficial To Your Listing

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network offers a home warranty through Old Republic. Home warranties cost about $400, which the seller pays for at closing, if the home closes.

According to a Gallup poll, 79% of both sellers and buyers rate home warranties as one of the most important considerations when buying or selling a home.

Keith Gordon, co-founder of the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network says, "Offering a home warranty to buyers maybe one of the most overlooked items when selling a home by owner MLS. A home warranty adds a benefit to the selling process that is perceived by the buyer as a necessary and important element of purchasing a home. Most offers made by buyer's agents request the by owner MLS seller to include and pay for a home warranty. While the seller is not forced to purchase such a warranty for the buyer, it is often a point to be negotiated. This being said, I would think the flat fee MLS listing would garner more attention from buyers on and other FSBO websites if the listing advertised ‘home warranty included'...especially since the seller may end up paying the $400 for such a warranty anyway."

As flat fee MLS listings continue to grow in popularity, the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will be on the forefront of innovation offering by owner MLS sellers more listing options and creative means of getting highest price possible for their property.