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How To Repair A Sinkhole Home

The best method of repairing a sinkhole home is referred to as "pinning". This method, as opposed to grouting, using advanced geothermal engineering to identify where the sinkhole activity is and then find hard rock areas under the home so concrete piers can be drilled to those hard area whereby the existing slab is supported by connecting these new piers to the slab.

In essence, after a sinkhole home has been pinned, it is resting on has many as 45 concrete piers. This effectually makes the homes original footer a secondary foundation.

Many homes that are built on waterfront lots use a similar pinning method as a normal and mandated requirement of state and federal flood zones. These piers under waterfront homes act as precaution should a tidal surge from a storm attempt to destabilize the foundation.

A sinkhole repaired home using the pinning method makes these homes stronger than any other home barring, of course, a catastrophic sinkhole where the ground opens and the home drops into the ground. This rarely happens, but can occur. The new proposed sinkhole insurance legislation is proposing that catastrophic insurance be the only affordable option to home owners and would increase the cost of standard sinkhole home insurance to as much as 4000%.

A good starting point to understanding what a sinkhole is would be to view an Engineering and Stabilization Report on a Home That has a Reported Sinkhole.

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