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Should Self Represented Sellers Use A FSBO Signs To Market Their Property?

Answer one: Legally you can.
Answer two: Not recommended.

Solution: Keith Robert Gordon, Broker for ADDvantage® Real Estate Services, strongly advises sellers who are flat fee listed in Florida and New York--DO NOT use a FSBO sign as the message it conveys to a Florida and New York Realtor® damages and dilutes the marketing efforts of the flat fee company.

Keith Robert Gordon recommends using our custom sign designed especially for flat fee sellers.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Services sign allows the seller to control the information without deterring Realtors® from showing your home.

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Services yard sign is professionally designed in bright yellow colors and does not mention that you are selling via flat fee listing. The sign is free with a $14.99 shipping and handing charge. You can supply your own stand or purchase it along with the sign for a total cost of $49.

Realtors® are not turned off by our sign because:
Realtors® do not fear their Buyer will approach the Seller directly in an attempt to circumvent a commission. While the seller's phone number is clearly "hand-written" on the sign, the other professional design aspects of the sign promote Realtors'® security.

Realtors® drive up to a home with their clients and see a FSBO sign...immediately they assume that the seller is flat fee listed. This is not the message a seller wants to convey. Florida Realtors® equate this type of advertising with no commission or no service.