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Flat Fee MLS Listing Professional Guaratees

No Hidden Fee Guarantee

We take pride in our complete transparency and guarantee that all fees will be disclosed up front on our website and in the broker's listing agreement. We never charge MLS listing "withdrawal penalties". If you wish to withdraw your MLS listing, you may do so at any time without paying any additional fees, guaranteed.

Optional services may be available for an additional fee.

Buyer Lead Protection Guarantee

Our brokers guarantee to pass on all buyer leads to our flat fee sellers. When choosing a flat fee or discount real estate listing, one of the primary advantages is the possibility of finding a buyer prospect who is not represented by an agent. In this scenario, the seller can avoid paying an agent a closing commission all together.

Our brokers promise to handle all leads with great care and to deliver them to you in a timely manner through our Buyer Leads system.

If you wish for our broker to work the buyer lead and/or represent the transaction, this service will be explicitly agreed upon in writing. Some of our services include this type of representation.

The Best MLS Placement Guarantee

It's not enough to just be listed in any MLS. Many don't realize how the MLS works but in a nutshell, the MLS is NOT one large national system. There are individual Multiple Listing Services local to each area within any given state. Some MLS's cover only one county or area while others cover several counties. The fact is if you are in the wrong MLS, you may as well not be listed at all. Realtors® join the local MLS in which they are searching for properties for their buyers. If you are not in that particular database, your listing will never be seen by those Realtors®.

We guarantee that your listing will be placed in the correct or optimal MLS based on your specific location. At times, it may be appropriate to be listed in more than one MLS system (such as being on the border of two counties that each utilize individual databases). Our system allows you to add an additional MLS where available.