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Flat Fee MLS Facts For Sellers Before Listing

Listing flat fee in the MLS with® allows the seller to control their MLS listing, be in charge of all calls, buyers and Realtors. Here are some important facts when listing in the MLS with®:

  • Realtors will call you directly by reading your phone number published in your LOCAL MLS in the Realtor remarks section. We also provide Realtors with a convenient link allowing them a quicker access to your showing instructions.
  • All flat fee MLS listings through® are guaranteed to be placed in your local Multiple Listing Service. Each region has a different MLS listing software system that can be accessed only by the local Realtors who are members. Those Realtors will see your flat fee MLS listed property when they execute a search for a property within their region.
  • All flat fee MLS properties listed through® will be in is an important website. Our advanced flat fee MLS software checks all our MLS listings on daily to ensure your MLS listing is properly displayed to the 1,000,000 daily visitors.
  • All phone calls and emails received by our local broker or® will be directed to the flat fee MLS seller. For MLS Only, we will direct the phone call or email to you. The protocol for Silver, Gold and Platinum is to document and email the lead through our advanced seller control panel which stores all leads for your easy retrieval. Our system also sends a feedback request to all showing Realtors.
  • All flat fee MLS listings on® are sent to hundreds of by owner real estate websites and other well-known real estate websites such as Zillow, Yahoo, Trulia and more.
  •® seller control panel allows easy edits their property description, pictures, price, buyer's agent commission and more.
  • Sellers decide how much commission to offer buyer's agents.
  •® list homes for a flat fee in your local MLS as well as vacant land, condos, townhomes, businesses, commercial, builder homes, REO, short sales, Realtor out of area listings either for sale, for rent or both.
  • Builders, REO, Asset Managers, and Investors can easily track all their listings by state, city or account number.
  • Once you sell or rent your property, we invite you to give us a review on your flat fee MLS experience with®.