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The Best Way To Sell A Homes Is With A Discount MLS Listings

Discount MLS listings are an effective way to sell a home on the MLS and save about half of the selling costs as compared with a full-service 6% MLS listing.

Flat fee MLS listing, also known as discount MLS, is a thriving way to sell real estate. This creative selling technique allows By Owners to list their own property on the MLS without a traditional listing agent. Just choose a listing plan suits you best and click "list my property". Our intuitive online listing process is efficient and saves you from the old days of 6% real estate.

In essence, the "FSBO" seller becomes the listing agent and takes that part of the commission as the savings which is typically 3%. The by owner MLS seller pays just the buyer's agent a commission. While many discount MLS listings offer a 3% commission, the by owner seller decides how much commission to offer the buyer's agent, not the MLS broker. Some sellers offer 2%.

One of the most popular questions asked by sellers considering to list in the MLS discount is "what do REALTORS® want as a commission?" The answer is they prefer 3%, but will work a 2% listing as well. An even lower (say 1.5%) commission can be effective at times especially if the home is truly unique. In this case, the buyer may lead the REALTOR® to that home and request a showing. Receiving a 1.5% commission to write a sale contract for a buyer (possibly a previous client of the buyer's agent) is good money to most agents.

Another benefit of listing in the MLS discount is that the seller maintains the right to sell "by owner" and pay no commission.

There are many reasons to consider selling your home using a discount MLS broker. Most sellers agree that the commission savings, the control that the seller has over the selling process and the Internet marketing that discounted MLS listings provides exceeds that of a full-service agent.

When a by owner lists their home in the MLS using the® Broker Network, the MLS listing is sent around the world to the most powerful real estate websites such as Zillow,,, Trulia, and hundreds more sites.

Unlike having just one full-service agent working for you and charging you 6%, the® Broker Network saves you about half the cost of selling a home and brings more Internet exposure, a better overall listing experience and we offer features that most full-service agent don't offer and that by owners need. Our website tracks the visitors that view your MLS listing, allows you to change the offered buyer's agent commission, change your sales price and more! You can even switch between our flat fee MLS listing plans at any time...just log in to your seller control panel and you control the events.

Unlike a traditional listing where the listing agent is your advisor, with a discount MLS listing, the by owner seller ultimately decides the sales price, how much commission to offer to buyer's agents and always retains the flexibility to work directly with any buyer.

The® Broker Network is the For Sale By Owner's best choice to sell a home on the Multiple Listing Service. What's more important, selling success can be achieved with deeply discounted MLS listing prices.

Find out which discount MLS listing plan best fits your needs.