MLS Photo Upload Specs & Restrictions Years of Service Badge

Technical Specifications for Photos

No Signage, Text, Logos, Agent/Office Photos, or Other Graphics are Permitted in any Photo

Photos with a real estate sign, a FSBO sign, or other signs with contact information or branding are not permitted in any MLS board listing. In addition, text, logos, phone numbers, watermarks, graphics, etc. are also not permitted.

This is a fineable offense and will create an automatic fine from the MLS board (without notice to the Broker).

Photos from Previous Agents/Listings

Photos shot or purchased by a previous agent cannot be used on your MLS listing without direct permission by that agent in writing. If you purchased the photos directly, please send in proof of ownership to showing that you own the copyright to these photos for your MLS listing. MLS fines resulting from use of copyrighted photos will be charged to the account holder per listing agreement.

Virtually Staged Photos (Stellar MLS Only)

Virtual Staging shall only be used for the interior of an existing structure. Virtual Staging shall not be used for Under Construction properties.

Disclosure of virtually-staged photo(s) is required in the specified field, namely the photo description entry field by adding the words “Virtually staged” and by checking the virtually staged field. Additionally, the first words of the public remarks must read “One or more photo(s) was virtually staged.”. Photos must always present a “True Picture” of the property. See Article 04 Rules and Regulations for more details.

Exterior Front Photo

At least one front exterior photo or rendering, aerial photo, or water view from the property (unit) must be loaded before a listing will be active in the MLS. The front exterior photo or rendering must be entered in the 1st photo slot of the listing on all property types unless the 1st slot is an aerial photo or an exterior photo of a water view from the property (unit), in which case the front exterior photo must be in the 2nd slot.

For Condos you need a photo of the front of your condo building. For Flagler MLS Condos, the MLS requires a photo of the sign to the subdivision/complex as the 1st photo and the front of your Condo building as the second photo.

Vacant Land requires a photo or an aerial photo, rendering, site plot or plat map in the listing’s 1st photo slot. Google Maps images are not permitted.

New Construction, Pre-Construction and Under Construction Homes can use a rendering or model home as the exterior photo.

Photo Order:

The order of the remaining photos is your decision. When uploading photos, please upload in the order you wish them to appear, so you will not have to re-order afterwards.

Photo orientation, size and uploading:

Photos should not be more than 10 MB each. Due to varying upload speeds, it is recommended that if your photos are 1 or more MB that you upload no more than 3 at a time. The larger the photo, the longer the upload time. If you attempt to upload too many large files, our system may time out your upload. To determine what your photo size is, simply right click on the photo and then select “properties”. The size will be there and will read something like 1 MB or 175 KB. There are 1024 KBs in 1 MB.

Many MLS boards have a minimum size limit or recommendation of 1024x768 (3 MB size photo).

Photo orientation – Landscape vs. Portrait. The length of the longest side of your photo determines the orientation of the photo. If the height of the photo is longer than the width, the image is in portrait orientation. While our website adjusts for either a vertical or horizontal orientation, most MLS boards and other websites will only allow landscape orientation for photos uploaded to your property listing. This means that vertically/upright/portrait-oriented photos will be stretched to fit a horizontal format and therefore distortion/stretching may occur. Though it can be difficult to capture narrow rooms-such as bathrooms-in a horizontal format, it is still recommended to hold the camera horizontally when shooting the photo. You may capture less, but what is displayed will come out clearly.

Tips on Taking Photos:

  • Clear away all objects from counter tops, tables and sinks.
  • Remove clutter, trash, laundry and personal items from all rooms and make beds.
  • Open blinds and turn on lights; possibly force a flash for extra light.
  • Do not capture children, pets or people in your photos. **These are usually not permitted in any MLS listing**
  • Get as wide a shot as possible to capture the entire room; you may need to step back and shoot from a doorway into the room.
  • Try to stay clear of fishbowl effect and other camera effects.
  • For the exterior photos especially, try to plan to shoot on a sunny day. Overcast weather may produce a gloomy photo. You want buyers to see your house and think “happy!”