Flat Fee MLS Seller Tools

(CLA) Instant Comparative Listing Analysis
Available in most major cities, this FREE tool may help you estimate a listing price for your flat fee MLS property by comparing it to similar homes in your area. For a more definitive analysis, you may wish to purchase a Comparative Market Analysis.

(CMA) Comparative Market Analysis
This service will give you a good way to determine what properties in your area have sold for in the recent past. It will be performed by a licensed agent using data on the MLS not available to the public.

Listing your property for rent
ADDvantage lists properties for sale and/or for rent in the MLS.

Seller Library-TIPS on selling flat fee MLS effectively
A resource full of helpful and informative articles for flat fee MLS sellers.

Broker Blog
Informative Hot Real Estate topics written by an ADDvantage™ broker.

Closing Costs Calculator
Estimate the closing costs for both the buyer and seller based on a specific sales.