Sellers Don't Have Time for Guess Work When Flat Fee Listing

ADDvantage™ Makes Listing Flat Fee in the MLS Trouble-Free

Sellers who've been searching the internet for a flat fee MLS often find that many Flat fee MLS Florida websites appear a bit “chaotic” and confusing. It's worth the seller's time to find out why that is. There are so many flat fee MLS websites for sellers to access. A FSBO listing and selling in the Tampa Bay area or in the South Beach, Miami area should take time to find out if the flat fee MLS service that's being offered will “feel” as bad as it looks.

Sellers who do take their time to research a Florida flat fee MLS listing company prior to signing up with them fare much better then those who do not. Florida FSBOs can get themselves into a flat fee MLS “mess” if they don't choose intelligently. Trust your gut. If it doesn't feel or look right, then it's probably not. Sellers in Florida use flat fee MLS listing services to save their equity. If they end up having a poor listing experience that results in no sale, then they might have been better off selling their Florida property conventionally, and not with a Florida flat fee MLS Company.

But, it doesn't have to work out like that. It's not only the big things that matter when you're listing flat fee in Florida. Big things are defined as doing business with a known Florida flat fee MLS company and a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker. Little things like first appearances and accessibility often do indicate how your flat fee MLS operates in general.

ADDvantage™ offers our listed Florida FSBOs four innovative flat fee MLS plans with plenty of add-ons. Our plans are listed clearly on our website for the consumer and all plan features are listed plainly in each MLS plan module. Once a FSBO signs up with our flat fee MLS, the information doesn't become less concise and clear listing instructions and options are provided to the seller. Once signed up flat fee with ADDvantage™, sellers will go directly to their control panel which is designed in a way so that even a seller with limited or no computer experience, will be able to list their Brandon home for sale or their Ft. Lauderdale rental with ease. And it doesn't stop there.

Many flat fee companies entice you to sign up and then will toss your listing information to a third party. You may or may not know who that is and if you need assistance or require a status change—well, good luck. When FSBOs list flat fee MLS with ADDvantage™, sellers can make edits, status changes add extra selling options, such as virtual tours or even add their FSBO or rental to additional boards if applicable. Sellers who want to access a full color property brochure template to assist in marketing their real estate for sale can do it with one click from their control panel. Everything that a Florida seller requires to sell their home is available via their control panel.
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Most FSBOs who sign up with ADDvantage™ never have to call us for instructions or information. Sellers can read the extensive information contained within our flat fee MLS website. Viewing samples of our flat fee MLS plans, as well as our sign up process and listing agreements leave little room for doubt or questions. The seller control panel can be viewed prior to listing flat fee with ADDvantage™ and samples of what a seller's flat fee listing looks like are also available. Clear, concise information for sellers who don't have the time for guess work—that's what ADDvantage™ Flat Fee MLS offers Florida FSBOs.

We promise never to confuse you, either accidentally or on purpose. If there is something that you simply don't understand however, please let us know. We're available 9AM to 6PM, 7 days a week. working for those sellers who have entrusted their flat fee MLS listing to us.