All Flat Fee MLS Listings Through Are Guaranteed To Be Placed In Your Local Multiple Listing Service

All flat fee MLS listings through are guaranteed to be placed in your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The definition of a local MLS is a MLS system or MLS Realtor Association where local Realtors will see your flat fee MLS listing while executing a property search of the MLS.

Local MLS boards and MLS systems vary with regard to their rules, what kind of property data they require and how they display such data. MLS boards usually take 8-25 photos. and allows up to 25 pictures and allows 4 pictures per listing. You can upgrade to Showcase for a longer description and up to 25 pictures. Our system will recognize which local MLS board matches your flat fee MLS listed property and will display the appropriate length for the property description, as well as the number of pictures allowed.

Local MLS boards are there to ensure compliance with local board rules and local customary MLS policies. Realtors choose which MLS local board best suits their needs usually based on geographic considerations. In some large metropolitan areas, there may be numerous MLS boards allowing choice.

Members of a local MLS board, called Realtors, are bound by the unique policies of the board and are bound by any decisions handed down by board directors which result from possible disputes between agents regarding commissions.

Local MLS boards are also charged with the duty to uphold their Realtor members to a higher level of ethics and education. Many local MLS boards offer education in short sales, contract knowledge, negotiations, and the use of the MLS.