The art of negotiating a contract is keeping it professional and always have an open mind

I am Keith Gordon, the broker for ADDvantage®. My experience in real estate sales dates back to 1984 when I became a Florida licensed real estate broker.

I am a salesperson at heart, enjoy real estate law, have extensive background in construction and embrace the challenge of bringing buyers, sellers and Realtors together peacefully to get deals done.

The way I approach the art of deal making is to first have an offer from a buyer which opens the door to negotiations. Read my article about how to get more offers in a challenging market such as 2009 and 2010.

Next, always be open to negotiate, to a point. The fact you are negotiating with a buyer means that the buyer and their agent are working to find common ground with the seller. My job at ADDvantage® as your broker is to find that common ground without losing trust among any of the parties.

Trust is similar to professionalism in real estate. Because there are many practitioners of real estate that don't give the public a warm feeling about our profession, it makes for easy negotiations when a professional broker (representing the seller) and a professional buyer's agent all work together to explore the possibilities of a mutually beneficial contract.

With all my experience, I know this. The more you know about real estate, buyers and sellers the more you realize you don't know a thing. What I mean by that is no matter how experienced you are you haven't seen it all or know all. To that end, I approach every seller, buyer and the deal itself with an open mind and never prejudge offers, buyers or say that won't work.

Each day I work tirelessly and enthusiastically when I negotiate contracts for my sellers using Professional ADDvantage™ or our 6% traditional listings.

You will find that I am direct, honest and unwavering with my skill and confidence to protect sellers from engaging buyers that are not in the best interest of my client seller.