We are Advocates of Our Florida Flat Fee MLS Clients

To be a true advocate of the “subject”, the subject must come first. In this article, the “subject” is you, the flat fee MLS seller. To fully understand and appreciate the degree to which ADDvantage®, and its staff of professional MLS administrators, web developers, Internet marketing specialists (SEO), its owners and broker truly support the cause of getting our Florida clients homes sold, you would have to consider the safeguards we have taken at ADDvantage® to ensure there are no missteps that could cause a client of ours to lose a potential prospect.

From the beginning in 2005, ADDvantage® was designed around the principle of “customer first”. Our standard of service offering live phone support for our flat fee MLS clients seemed implausible because the business model of deeply discounted prices for our real estate services has never been successful in the long run…say the pundits. We, of course, disagreed with history and believed there was a way for both our clients and our company to succeed as a discount real estate brokerage in Florida if the company was run by a highly efficient software based listing system.

ADDvantage® initially invested in building the best MLS listing system in the country and continues to invest in it today. Using our system, one MLS administrator can flawlessly manage 100's of flat fee MLS listings while still forwarding buyer leads, agent requests for additional information and listing changes–all without mishandling any client accounts.

But, this high level of competency comes at a cost to ADDvantage®. We continue to develop more innovations that add features to our software to ensure we stay the leader in MLS listing software and provide the highest level of customer service. And yes, we are now the most respected flat fee MLS listing service in Florida and are chosen 2 to 1 to by Florida home over similar services.

There is also another factor that separates ADDvantage® from all the other real estate companies, including flat fee MLS services. It is our belief that the real estate business is a “sales” business. We are, at heart, a sales driven company. We believe that no showing appointment should ever be missed because a phone call went unanswered. As everyone knows, Realtors® do not answer their phones all the time or return calls promptly. In the world of flat fee MLS listings, the statistics are even worse. At ADDvantage®, we have not forgotten that the heart of real estate is still sales.

ADDvantage® is an advocate of our flat fee MLS clients…and, we truly believe our attention to all the details makes the difference.

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