Flat Fee MLS Listing in Orlando Saves By Owners From the High Costs of Selling Real Estate

Arguably the best value in Orlando for selling real estate today by owner is an ADDvantage flat fee MLS listing. Times are tough but we are selling homes throughout Orlando. ADDvantage, through a flat fee MLS listing in Mid-Florida Regional MLS, sold a 3.7 million home in Windermere. If listing in the MLS flat fee worked for this homeowner, then we can help find your buyer as well.

Selling by owner MLS in Orlando is gaining in popularity as home equity drops. But, it is not just the general public that is taking advantage of the cost saving of going direct to the MLS…It's the Realtors® too. Matter of fact, that 3.7 million dollar home in Orlando was owned by a Remax agent that choose to list flat fee with ADDvantage as opposed to listing through Remax. This is often the case throughout Florida where a Realtor® actually chooses to list flat fee through ADDvantage to save money.

If the real estate pros use ADDvantage, maybe so should you…

The benefits of flat fee MLS listing Orlando with ADDvantage are overwhelming:

First, we answer the phone almost as well as 9-11. If a Realtor® calls between 9:00am-6:00pm Monday-Sunday, we assist them they your showing instructions live…Every time. We even send to you a confirmation of the call by email and a permanent record is stored in your account under “Buyer Leads”. To sell a home by owner, by owner MLS or full-service, it's all about “showings”. ADDvantage gets its flat fee MLS sellers more showings than any other real estate company in Orlando because we are Internet marketing professionals and we guarantee to answer every call live. If you are thinking what's the need for 9:00am-6:00pm live support 7 days a week because Realtors® call the by owner MLS seller directly…THIS THINKING IS FALSE!. Over the past 12 months, Realtors® or buyers have called ADDvantage for showing instructions. The reason is simple…Since 1913, the Realtor® “Code of Ethic” states to only deal with the listing agent. Most Realtors® in Florida are confused as to whether it is OK to contact the flat fee “self-represented” seller directly, or not. This is the reason why we receive so many Realtor® calls. We even send each Realtor® an email after they request a showing stating the following” “You have ADDvantage's expressed permission to contact and negotiate directly with the seller (your name) at 305-989-7732, Broker for ADDvantage.”

Second is buyer leads from sources such as Realtor.com, Homes.com, Trulia, MSN, AOL, GetMoreOffers.com and the hundreds more FSBO websites that your listing will appear on. These buyer leads are called “unrepresented buyers”. If you sell your Orlando flat fee MLS listing to one of these buyers, you pay no commission at all…ZIP. So getting these leads can be the difference between saving $10,000 or not. The reason Realtors® in Orlando and throughout Florida choose ADDvantage to list their homes in the MLS by owner is because they understand that if they get to sell their home to one of these unrepresented buyers, they win big time! But, here's the catch…Not all flat fee MLS listing services are so kind to forward buyer leads to the by owner MLS seller but take these leads for their own agents. This is the ADDvantage difference…We guarantee all buyer leads are yours and we state this fact in our flat fee MLS listing agreement. 27% of our flat fee MLS sellers are successful selling “by owner”. This is true for the reasons stated in this article…We never lose leads and we give all unrepresented buyers to our flat fee MLS sellers.

If Realtors® trust ADDvantage to list their personal property, shouldn't you?

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