Miami home and condo sellers are getting more service and marketing from a new flat fee MLS plan, Professional ADDvantage™, offered by Miami based flat fee MLS company, ADDvantage™.

Professional ADDvantage™, a new flat fee MLS program now available to Miami home and condo sellers saves an average of 2% on the sales price of a traditional full service MLS listing, while offering more marketing, features, control and service. The cost of Professional ADDvantage™ is 0.75% at close ($1,500 min).

With any flat fee MLS listing, the seller offers just the agent representing the buyer a commission. Most flat fee MLS sellers in the Miami-Dade area offer 3%–although that commission is entirely up to the seller. In step 2 of the ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS sign-up process, the seller elects the commission offered to buyers' agents. If the seller was to offer a 3% commission, the total cost to the seller would be 3½%, saving the seller 2½% over a 6% full-service listing.

Miami sellers can offer any commission they wish using Professional ADDvantage™. Some offer 2% but most offer the buyer's agent 4%. Why 4%? Separating your listing from all the others in the same Realtor® search can be accomplished by offering a bigger commission. While not a guarantee that your listing will be shown, offering > than 3% helps distinguish your listing from all the others. Realtor® greed and motivation is another consideration which has been extensively researched and reported in our Street Smart ADDvantage® flat fee MLS program informational page.

The Miami market is challenging these days and sellers need more marketing and customer support to maximize their chances of finding a buyer. “Truth: Buyers are as thin as the air at Mile High (Invesco Field) in Denver,” says Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage™. We introduced Professional ADDvantage™ to reach beyond all the normal marketing to give Miami flat fee MLS home and condo sellers something special. In honor of the name, “Professional ADDvantage™” does give a seller quite a bit a marketing including: A virtual tour by the national company, Circlepics (5 pans and 12 stills); a traditional wood post and metal sign with our number on the sign; Agent Assure® (where we handle and schedule all appointments for you); the option to have us handle all buyer showings (Agent Activate®); a new listing every 6 months if needed (zero days on market); 250 “just listed” post cards sent to your neighbors (neighbors know people they want bring into the area); and we represent you during all contract negotiations right through closing.

With this type of flat fee MLS listing, the Miami seller is listed in the Miami MLS (Southeast Florida Regional) as a “represented seller” not as an “unrepresented seller”. Being “represented” is the same as any full-service real estate firm offers one of their 6% clients. The difference between listing flat fee MLS using Professional ADDvantage™ vs. listing with a full service Realtor® is you will get more marketing with Professional ADDvantage™ and have more control over your Miami flat fee MLS listing while paying about 2% less in commission. Your chief responsibility is to show the property–unless you are lockboxing the property and opting to use our free MLS service, Agent Activate®. Being that the average Miami home price is $500,000, 2% saving is $10,000. Condos on South Beach seem to average near $700,000 and homes are rather commonly priced at $2,000,000. Do the math and you'll realize why Professional ADDvantage™ is the smart way to sell your Miami property.