Great service and timely real estate advice at deeply discounted rates

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flat fee MLS…Or is it just great service and timely real estate brokerage advice at deeply discounted rates?

Are you wondering if ADDvantage® can really sell your Florida home and at the same time save you almost 50% in commissions? Realtors, like attorneys, don't have the best reputations. People, in general, think Realtors are at times unprofessional and the fees are exurbanite. Many Floridians have had a bad experience either buying or selling.

The word about ADDvantage® is spreading by friends telling friends that there is a better way. The basis for what we do is a combination of technology, savvy Internet marketing and a network of buyer agents throughout Florida.

Buyer's agents are the hardest working group among the real estate professionals. They all work for about 3% (half of a 6% traditional listing) and earn every penny for what they do.

What we do is present properties in the most favorable light possible to buyer's agents so they see your home just as they do any full-service MLS listing. We provide better service and Internet marketing than most companies and we do it for 50% less fees. We charge a flat fee of Not Available to list the home on the MLS, market the home on hundreds of websites and negotiate contracts right through closing. We charge a closing fee of 0.75% at close ($1,500 min) which saves sellers as much as 50% off a 6% traditional listing.

There are certain discount real estate brokers in Florida that are better than others. Once you have dealt with ADDvantage® and experienced our professionalism and expertise, you will tell your friends and become a believer that there is a way to sell a home and get the best of both flat fee MLS and full-service!

Many of our new customers are referred by our past clients. Most of our past and current clients are not your typical customers either. In fact, many are professions and some are even Realtors from other states that have property in Florida and like what they see on our website. One element among our clients is consistent in that they are detail oriented people and find what they read about us or heard about us to be reassuring and comforting.

Over three quarters of our clients are control-centered business people and pay great attention to every detail in their life including the selling of an important asset, their home. Our company has grown to become Florida's most reliable discount real estate brokerage service, in part, due to our clients. Because we have listened well to our Florida customers over the years, we have been able to develop and deliver a special brand of concierge real estate that is hard to match.

First, we offer the highest level of service possible to all Realtors, buyers and sellers. Our phones are answered ‘live’ 7 days a week from 9:00am-6:00pm. All showing requests are professionally handled in real-time. There are no answering machines at ADDvantage® between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm. We are a hands-on-company that believes each phone, each offer or each request for additional information about a property maybe your sale!

Every inquiry about a property is accurately recorded into the appropriate seller account. If it is a Realtor that is calling and setting up a showing, the seller is notified by phone and by email. The showing Realtor is sent an email confirming the showing time and to be on time. If late or early, the showing realtor is requested to call ADDvantage® so we can notify the seller accordingly. The next day, each Realtor received an email requesting feedback. Feedback responses are stored in each seller's account. If no feedback is received, we call each showing Realtor requesting feedback. When Realtors receive confirmation of a showing, your important seller documents are displayed such as the seller's disclosure statement (needed before an offer is made), deed restrictions, survey (if available), and other ‘public documents’.

Once an offer is received, it is uploaded into the appropriate seller account and a copy is automatically emailed to the seller with a follow-up phone call. The broker and seller then discuss the counter-offer strategy once the broker has interviewed the buyer's agent and confirmed the pre-approval letter.

Our marketing blankets the Internet from, local Realtor sites,, Bargainnetwork, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and hundreds more important sites. Our websites have page one rankings in google.

If you expect nothing less than perfection and professionalism in your business dealings, then you will be right at home with ADDvantage®!