Flat Fee MLS in Florida has become a by owners salvation

By owners in Florida have taken the fight right to the buyers by lowering their ask prices. Dropping price is critical to getting a contract. Listing your home using a flat fee MLS service in Florida is one way to save as much as 6% when selling.

Flat fee MLS listing is simple…The flat fee, in our case (Program not currently available), replaces the need for a traditional listing agent. The flat fee MLS Florida listing service becomes the listing agent. The seller retains the right to sell by owner and pay no commission. If the home is sold by a Realtor, then the by owner MLS seller determines how much commission to offer which is determined at the time of sign up and can be changed during the listing for free. By owner MLS sellers typically offer 3%.

Interestingly, full-service Realtors are no longer anti-flat fee as they once were. I know this because I am the broker for ADDvantage® and I have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of Realtors each month that request showing instructions. Realtors are respectful and happy to show our flat fee MLS listed homes throughout Florida. Once in a while you may get the curious Realtor that asks, ‘where are you’ because where are located in Tampa Bay. Otherwise, I would say flat fee MLS listings in Florida are just as effective as a full-service listing or possibly even better.

As a side note, we do offer a flat fee MLS listings in Florida that are not a ‘limited service’ listing but rather hybrid-flat fee listing called Professional ADDvantage™. In these listings, I (Keith Gordon, broker for ADDvantage®) represent the seller just like a full-service agent would but the cost saving are huge. We charge 0.75% at close ($1,500 min). This type of listing is exactly the same as a full-service listing which is classified as an ‘Exclusive Right of Sale’ listing in the MLS and Realtor see these listings the same as all other full-service listings.

But, let me also say that our service at ADDvantage® is exceptional. When Realtors call us for showing instructions or help, we always answer our phone ‘live’ from 9:00am to 6:00pm 7 days a week. If you read our flat fee MLS Florida listing testimonials from past clients, they all say the say thing…ADDvantage® is always available! We do treat Realtors like ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ at ADDvantage®.

We take our flat fee MLS listing service in Florida very seriously. Everything we do is detailed oriented from our 100% electronic sign up which is fast and intuitive to our ‘email verification’ system which sends you an email showing you a copy of your MLS listing thus ensuring you that you see exactly what your listing in the MLS looks like. This gives you an opportunity to review the listing and accept it as accurate or reject it and tell us what's wrong! Once a client, changing price, commission, printing a brochure and other tasks are all neatly organized in your seller control panel.

When a Realtor calls us for showing instructions, we send them a confirmation of the time that they have told us they would be at your home and a warning if they are late to call and never to show-up out side their ‘showing time window’ without permission. This practice keeps unpunctual Realtors from showing up 2 hours late when you might be in the shower!

In that same email confirming the show time, there is a link that takes them to you important ‘public documents’ on our website such as your seller's disclosure, survey, HOA financials, deed restrictions and other important documents that you can conveniently upload into your ‘client documents’.

The day after each showing, our system sends an email requesting feedback which is then sent to you.

As you can see, listing flat fee MLS in Florida with ADDvantage® is professional every step of the way.